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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
David is a young successful man who suddenly develops mental issues. What happened to him? Who is on his side? Will he ever recover? Find the answers in the following story.

Submitted: June 04, 2017

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Submitted: June 04, 2017






„Shit! I can't move! Where am I? What is this light?" A beam of light was blinding me. „Who are you?" A silhouette  of a doctor was standing in front of me, leaning over and checking my eyes out. „What are you doing?" Suddenly, a dim light had spread trough the room, briefly revealing my surroundings. The silhouette had dissapeared. I was sitting in a weird armchair, my hands and my legs were tied down. I looked around the room, it was full of blood covered medical instruments, razzors, scalpels, scissors and axes. The blood was dripping off of them into a small pond of blood under the table. Walls were covered in red dots, like someone was slaughtered near it. The blood was flowing towards my chair into a drain and I could feel the stench coming beneath me. I heard footsteps aproaching behind me. When they reached me, I could only hear heavy breathing. Suddenly, the pressence gently pushed me forward, revealing a doctor and his assistant. „What?! Who are you??" I yelled, „let me go!". I was shivering. They had pulled my chair back and faced me towards the light. My breathing became faster.  The doctor took his wedge, brought it to my eye and said „Hammer." „What? Hammer? Move that wedge away from me!" I started hyperventilating. His assistant handled him the hammer. „No… No! What are you doing?! Keep that away!" He held his hand up, and swinged forward. As his hammer was about to touch the wedge, everything had stopped, and suddenly everything came back to the begining. It was pitch dark again. Someone was coming closer. His teeth were glowing like the moon does in the darkest of nights. „Oh God, not again." I was terrified. But then I saw a shape of a face, tapping his lips with his left hand, once, twice, and finally, the third time. „Need a hand?" he said, grinning, and nonchalantly offering me his hand. I accepted his help without thinking. He pulled me up and I woke up. „Whoa! What a dream!" I said to myself. I looked at the time, it was 7:50 am. „Shit! I'll be late for work again." My name is David Brown. I am working as a lawyer in a near court. My life is going pretty well, I have a wife Sharon, and two beautiful kids, Linda and Marco. At the court, I am working with my best friend, Francis, we've been friends ever since we were little. He's the person I can trust the most. The job is pretty well payed, I can normally pay taxes, bring food home, pay bills and buy stuff for my children. Even after spending money on all of that, I still have some left for myself and for charity. It's perfect, a life anyone could dream of.

Patient D.B. log #1

Name: David Brown

Date: 15th of November 2013

Observations: The patient came to us due to his abnormal behaiviour. The patient was behaving normally in the office though, but he was slightly stressed due to this being his first time in an asylum. He had a wrong idea about everything that had happened.

Diagnosis: The patient's exhastion due to the work led him to an unstable state.

Treatment: The patient was recommended to stay home and rest.

Chapter 1

"David, I am Dr. Luke Blake, I will be your psychiatrist." As I was slowly raising my head, the doctor asked me: "why did you punch your colleague?" "He wanted to hurt me..." The doctor pushed the table towards me and said: "Hurt you? He only wanted to pass you the pen you asked for!" I started shivering. "Lies! He wants to see me suffer!" "Why do you think so?" "He's jealous of me." "I see, and why is he jealous?" "Because I'm more successful than he is." "Alright. I'll send you home to get some rest." I left the asylum and went back home, as soon as I came home, I called Francis and we started talking: "Hello!" "Hey Francis, David here." "Oh! Hey David, how did it go?" "It was awful, the doctor was terrifying!" "Huh? What happened?" "He was intimidating me the whole session!" "Wait, explain how." "He was hitting and pushing the table and he was yelling at me!" "Whoa, dude, what are you planing to do?" "I don't know... I think I won't go anymore." "Alright, you really shouldn't, they're doing more harm than there already is." "Yeah... Well, see ya at work!" "Later!"

Patient D.B. log #2

Name: David Brown

Date: 22nd of November 2013

Observations: The patient developed a more aggressive behaviour, he was talking very loud, almost yelling and hitting the table.

Diagnosis: The patient's in a worse state than before, his physical health is greatly influencing his mental health.

Treatment: The patient was prescribed mood stabilizers, 2 pills a day. The treatment will last 2 weeks when he'll be checked.

Chapter 2

"Hello David, we meet again, did you have a good rest?" "Yeah, but my work really fell behind." "I see, well you have plenty of time to recover it." "Of course I don't! Do you know how much work that is?!" "I know! Don't raise you voice!" "Why not?" I stood up, "who do you think you are, you can't tell me what to do!" Luke stood up and hit the table: "I AM YOUR PSYCHIATRIST, NOW CALM DOWN!" Then the silence arrived. He took my hand and pulled me to the exit, gave me a recipe for mood stabilizers. I was terrified, i took the pills he prescribed me and went home. When I arrived, Francis was there. My wife and our children had went on a field trip so they weren't home. "How did it go?" said Francis. "Worse than before... He was yelling at me and threw me out of the office." "I told you not to go... What are those?" he pointed to my hand where I was holding the pills. "He gave me these, mood stabilizers." "Don't drink those, they will only fuck you up." "But, I have to try, they might help." "Do as you wish, I warned you! They're no good." Francis went to the door: "good luck and see ya tomorrow!" "Bye!" I should trust Francis, he only wants good for me, but if I don't try these pills, nothing will change.

Patient D.B. log #3

Name: David Brown

Date: 5th of December 2013.

Observations: The patient's behaviour had changed a lot since last time he was here. He didn't show much emotion due to mood stabilizers, but he lost some willpower. He said his friend Francis wasn't present for last 13 days and that he's missing him. His wife and kids are on a winter vacation so he can't see them either.

Diagnosis: Pills overkill him, he needs to hang out with his friends.

Treatment: The patient will be sent home for the meantime.

Chapter 3

"Hello again David." said the doctor. "We haven't seen in 2 weeks, are you doing any better?" I nodded. "Are you still doing bad stuff?" "No..." At that moment, doctor's face started changing. He closed his eyes and they instantly melded. He opened them trough a scream. His eyes were vermilion red and his eyelids were still molten, leaving them attached  to each other by dozens of tiny strings. Same happened with his mouth, but in this case, his teeth became pointy. I was just sitting there, watching him turn into an abomination. I didn't care about it at all tho, I wasn't afraid of death. I simply couldn't feel anything. If I got any number I would be like a plant. He then approached me, took my hand and escorted me to the door. "The car is waiting for you, go." I made a step and his body became liquid and fell down. The car seemed normal tho. I entered it, but there was no driver. Suddenly, an older voice said: "where are we going?" "Home." "Alright, home it is." As he said that, he appeared on the driver's seat. He was a ghost. We started driving towards the sunset. After 20 minutes of driving in silence, something started happening. The sun beams became flames, engulfing everything around them and the temperature had risen. "Where are we going?" "Home." "And where is home?" "Hell." "Oh." I just continued sitting in silence. My face had not changed in slightest. We were just driving down the road when suddenly something struck the car. It was Francis. He was holding a bloodied hammer which he used to break down the window and open the door. "David!" he said, "I told you not to trust them!" As he pulled me out of the car, we started running away from it.

Patient D.B. log #4

Name: David Brown

Date: 6th of December 2013.

Observations: The patient developed a strong unfriendly behaviour. He smashed the window of his car with his fist and ran away. Few hours later, around 1 am, he was found lying in the asylum sewers.

Diagnosis: The patient is full of bruises and his mental state is unknown.

Treatment: The patient will be taken in by the asylum until his state gets better.

Chapter 4

As we were running away from the car, Francis grabbed my wrist and said "we should go to the river!" As we got down to the river, we entered a boat that was tied down there and started sailing. Not long after we've set sail, we hit a rock at the bottom of the river. The boat started hitting the shore of the river. After a few seconds, the boat broke and we were rushing down the river. There was a huge waterfall ahead of us. We were approaching it very fast and in a matter of seconds we were falling down. I hit the water surface and lost conscience.

"W-where am I?" I said quietly. I was lying in a bed. I looked around me, I was put in a padded cell along with Francis. The cell had only one bed, so Francis was lying on the ground. "Francis? Are you awake?" I tried to stand up to reach Francis, but I fell down as soon as I did. My feet were covered in scars. "What?!" Francis looked at me and said: "it's them… They did an experiment on you, you have something in your blood that they want, same is with me." He pulled up his straitjacket and showed me his cut marks. Our legs looked like we walked through a valley of knives. Someone knocked on the door. It was Dr. Luke. "David, how are you doing?" What?! How can he still act like nothing is going on?? "You had a pretty bad fall, are you doing any better?" "After all you did you still act like nothing is going on?!" "What?! What did we do?"  I remained silent. His eyes became black. He was staring at me without an expression on his face. His eyes slowly started changing color. They were now red. The room Francis and I started shaking, it felt like an earthquake. The light started blinking, and soon turned off. The door suddenly opened. A horde of shadows came rushing towards me, enveloped me and started pulling me. I couldn't see what happened to Francis but I thought they brought him with me. The shadows pulled me all the way to Luke's office. I tried to fight back, but they penetrated my skin and entered my body trough my left arm. "So. David. What's going on?" They sat me down on a chair and held me down. "I don't want to be here, you guys keep torturing me!!!" "What are you talking about?" I stood up along with the chair and rushed into Luke. He dodged me, I fell down and I couldn't get out of the chair. The shadows entered my body once again, bud this time from the right side of my neck. I fell asleep again.

Patient D.B. log #5

Name: David Brown

Date: 7th of December 2013.

Observations:  The patient started yelling and attacking me, he charged into me and started yelling.

Diagnosis: I am assuming that David has schizophrenia.

Treatment:  He will be locked down and examined.

Chapter 5

I'm in this cell again. What day is it? How much time had passed? Where is Francis? I haven't seen him in weeks. My cell looked older, like it was decaying in time. White pads became brown. Floor became moisturized. I was slowly losing sanity, becoming really unstable. Day by day, I was becoming less bothered by the abominations and torturing in the asylum. I've heard a loud scream and Luke came to my room. He had become a being consisted only of shadows. He remained silent. I could only hear him breathe. His breath sounded like he had sandpaper in his throat. He lowered his head and started examining me. "*inhale*". I was terrified. "*exhale*". But I couldn't move. The room was slowly filling up with a liquid that reminded me of tar. The liquid had flooded the whole room and I couldn't move. I tried to fighting it but it was futile. Strangely I was still able to breathe, but much harder. Suddenly, the liquid started moving really fast in one direction, like someone had flushed it. After a few seconds while flowing with the liquid, I ended up in a room. The room was filled with torture tools. I was tied to a bed.  I was about to be toyed again. Luke took a knife and struck it in my chest. I coughed blood. I tried to speak but I couldn't. My arms were filled with needles, one in both shoulders, both veins, both palms, and one in between each pair, making it a total of ten needles. The same black liquid which brought me there started flowing into my body. I could talk again. I raised my head a bit and asked Luke: "Where is Francis?" "*inhale* Fran…cis? *exhale*" I couldn't believe how far he'd go. I lowered my head. His face was slowly changing. "How much time had passed?" "It's June." Six months? Francis is probably dead by now. I couldn't believe it. My best friend had died, and now it's my turn. "What did you do to Francis?" He kept quiet. "Vanessa." Luke called someone. A young, blond woman entered the room, holding some sort of a device in her hand. She stung it in my neck and pressed the button. I felt it entering my body, the pain was unbearable. I felt like I was being torn apart from the inside. I lost conscience due to the pain.

Patient D.B. log #6

Name: David Brown

Date: 25th of June 2014

Observations: The patient has finally responded to the therapy he's been receiving, but it had catastrophic side effects. The patient started bleeding and after few minutes his heart stopped beating. We reanimated him and transfused 2 liters of blood. Who is Francis? Is he a part of David's schizophrenia? Regardless, there was only one thing we could have done.

Diagnosis: Schizophrenia

Treatment: Lobotomy

Final chapter

Luke had come to my room once again. This time, he looked beautiful, like he became 20 years younger. He bowed to me, whispered in my ear "it's time" and I started floating in the ear behind him. Where was Francis? Was he really dead? Will he come to save me again? We were heading down the hall, it was dark and I could barely see anything. We were heading towards a room. A huge pentagram was drawn on the door. It was glowing with in a crimson tone. We entered the room and I saw someone entering with us. Luke had put me on a chair. "Vanessa, could you pass me the wedge". She took the wedge and brought it to him. Then Francis appeared, sitting on the tool holder Vanessa just took the wedge from. He was looking at me. His hands were crossed, holding his chin, leaned on his knees. He was smiling. That smile was very familiar to me, it was silver. Luke took the wedge, pushed the chair back and put it before my eye. "I'm sorry…" He took his hammer and struck the wedge into my head. In that moment I became as numb as a rock. I couldn't feel anything. Slowly, Francis started floating towards me, tapping his lips with his left hand, once, twice, and finally, the third time. „Wanna play again?"

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