Firstina Frumpys Really Good Day

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For the little ones my son Race Victor included!

Submitted: November 03, 2013

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Submitted: November 03, 2013



Firstina Frumpy was not very happy today. In fact she could be sad you might say. It was just a day like any other day.  But she sat on the top of the Frumplesteps her head resting on her hands which rested on her knees. She sighed a big sigh, an epic sigh I should say.

She looked at the clouds, they were pinkish today and she looked at the sheepycows, they looked funny with big feet. But Firstina was not amused in the least today. But why was she sad on this beautiful day?

It was because she was skinny. She was not like the others all normally round with their puffy lips and their furly big brows. She was quite thin and no matter how much she tried, she could not gain a pound not even an ounce.

You see Firstina was a Frumpy and Frumpys were round. In fact they were so round they loved to roll about on the ground. But Firstina was not like the others at all so she sat and sighed and then sighed again.

Just then a clattering noise caused Firstina to shout and leap to her feet and look all about!  It was her friend Falice who was very amused in fact she decided to roll about on the ground .

"Falice you scared me that wasn't so nice!" Firstina said in her best angry voice. But she could not be angry with Falice because she was her friend. In fact she was her only true friend. So when Falice got up from the ground the two girls hugged and held hands.

"Why are you pouting today Firstina?" Falice was worried.

"I wish I was like everyone else I do not like being different it is no fun at all." Firstina said with a really big frown.

The two girls played for the rest of the day. They chased some sheepycows that were not very fast with their short stumpy legs and their big funny horns. They laid in the grass and looked at the clouds and when it was time to go home they made an agreement to meet here again.

Firstina went home and walked in the house she even stopped and petted the new kittenmouse. Her mother and father were in the kitchen laughing and singing while they fixed supper  for the last meal of the day.

They sat and they ate and they ate some more in fact they ate until there was no more. All the while talking and laughing but Firstina just ate. She only spoke if spoken to she was not so enthused.

So off to bed the family went today was so big they were obviously spent. Firstina's mother tucked her in and then father came in with a grin and gave her a kiss right on the top of her head.

The lights were all out and the house was so quiet no matter how hard she tried Firstina could not stay awake. So she went to sleep and then had a dream. Her dream was so good for her you see in it she was round just like all the other Frumpys. She frolicked and played with others and rolled all about it was so fun she was rolling about.

Then something strange happened they all stopped rolling and looked all about. For they heard something funny and had to find out what this odd noise was .

"It's the Frillys one Frumpy yelled out." He was jumping, well not much he was round and could not jump very high. Frillys were not from here what was going on. Firstina ran to look and sure as she did there were two Frillys not too far away. They were watching the Frumpys with much interest. It was seemed they were going to have a look about.

And here they came the two Frillys walking right up to the group of Frumpys who stood all about. The Frillys were so different they really stood out. They were so skinny they sauntered about. The Frumpys laughed at the skinny pair and made fun of them right then and right there.

The Frillys were not bothered not in the least. In fact they were laughing because the Frumpys were so round and so short. The Frillys stood far taller than the Frumpys you see.

Firstina was looking at the two and the boy one was looking back at her too. He looked like he was going to walk right up where she stood. He did just that and stuck out his hand. "My name is Fredless I am glad to meet you."

Firstina shook his hand right there and before she knew it the rest of the Frumpys were all looking down.  Then like magic there was no one else there, just Firstina and Fredless still holding hands.

 He spoke once more and this is what he said. "I just had to meet you in order to say, I am so glad that there is nobody else like you. Because that is so special, so special to me."

And then he kissed her right square on the lips and poof went away.

Firstina woke with a start. She looked all about but was at home in her bed. She laid her head down and remembered the dream. It made her think and then think some more.

After that dream something changed in Firstina. She was no longer a sad girl and to all a surprise. She even joined in when they all rolled about.

You see Firstina had realized that looks didn't matter at all.

Whether Frilly or Frumpy the real magic was all kept deep inside.


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