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Older poem I wrote and have edited several times.

Submitted: October 30, 2013

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Submitted: October 30, 2013



Through the mist the morning crept

Revealing which in darkness slept

Into the graveyard ever so slow

Quietly seeking what lies below


Hair of coal within a dark shroud

Beneath the sky with nary a cloud

Hazel of eyes and olive of skin

She stands at the grave found within


Her only child he slips away

As the mother kneels and  begins to pray

She cannot forget nor cannot forgive

Since that night never wanting to live


Submit to us demand her fears

And once again the shedding of tears

She's haunted by one fateful night

A terrible wrong unable to right


In her mind the vision is there

The glistening blade cuts through the air

Darkness abounding blood drips from her clothes

She knelt by the body and suddenly froze


The voice of her father rang strikingly clear

Her heart almost stopping as he drew near

For by the light of his flickering flame

The moment was shown that she was to blame


For the death of her love that was true

The sadness and madness only one thing to do

She fingers the scar and remembers the pain

Her own hand had sought an appropriate vein


But the God of this world left her chagrined

Here she would stay for a life she must tend

To her fathers will she unwillingly bent

Until his days were finally spent


Quietly cursing the day she was born

At her lovers grave she stands forlorn

Her son runs up his mouth is agape

The wicked truth she cannot escape


The very sight of him belies

In fact he has her own fathers eyes

He smiles as he studies the grave stone

Turns and runs fast leaving mother alone

© Copyright 2019 ToneWolf. All rights reserved.

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