" A Heart's Journey"

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A story of the Heart as he embarks on a journey to meet Love.

Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011



A Heart’s Journey”

I live in a world guided by emotions.

I cannot see, I cannot hear--

What I want, I know--

What I need, I seek--

Where I’m going, a challenge--

The mind I am paired with is not in tune.

He fears all that is unknown, constantly gearing me towards what I call a “safe bet”

To his dismay, I would always shut down the powerhouse.

I am the guide, he the reason—

And yet he vies for power and we never seem to head to where I need to be.

I live for Love. Life’s most precious gift—an ability to connect beyond what any eye can see.

Love, that makes me skip a beat. Love, which feeds me—And best of all Love which brings me peace.

I have not found, I have not seen---but Love is calling and I am on a journey to what I long for most.

Obstacles in my way, I’ve managed to overcome—Detours and Dead Ends I avoid as I can signal them from miles ahead.

I have been programmed to take the right exits; nevertheless sometimes he dupes me into taking the wrongs ones.

Again I would shutdown, and deliver no emotion---frustrating all his efforts.

In every wrong exit, emotions never run wild nor would I beat for any substitutes wearing the mask of Love. They declare Love to be dangerous yet—it is not Love that is dangerous, if not the lost needy souls hoping to fill their void with false and misunderstood emotions of what they perceive Love to be.

These dangerous imposters prey on my weak and lonely fellow hearts. They, who know not how to navigate through all the impurities and falsity—

Many have been hurt, injured, tormented and even crushed as a result. Quite a few have died from being broken but I refuse to be yet another casualty.

Arriving at what would become our last destination, I could not shutdown.

At this last exit emotions led the way, racing to where Love had been patiently waiting and so we stopped and I settled for a while. Here I would meet Love for the first time and skip a beat.

Strong as I am now fed and connected I find peace.


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