" A Moment in Time"

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A Moment in Time is about that special moment when you know love has come, that very moment your life changes suddenly-

Submitted: February 03, 2013

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Submitted: February 03, 2013



"A Moment in Time"



A single smile and an exquisite taste remained—

An unexpected pleasure, a newfound passion.



After it happened,

The smell of hope lingered in the air for hours

While inside we danced with excitement at the thought of new possibilities.

In a moments time love would touch me one true time,

Redefining life as I knew it to be before you—



Whispering your invitation, slowly I crawled my way into your arms

Where the touch of magic was immanent.

Afraid to get so close,

I thought to run—I thought to hide; in the end I thought a million things and none as powerful as the sound of your voice— the strength of your stare

Entrapping every part of me—and yet feeling so free.


Alive and well,

I could smell love

I could hear the amazing sounds from within and again

The whispers from the mouth I would then kiss;

Ignite a fiery passion.


With your hand pressed against my chest

A heartwarming touch--

A cold heart no more.


Face to face, eye to eye

There we were.

Exploring the contours of each other’s face; the extent of a great smile

Over and over our fingers ran gently across and around finding familiarity in a dream come true.



The sound of your breathing, powerful and yet; pleasing to my ear—where comfort and peace suddenly became a blanket of love.

My nose against the softness of your lips

So delicately shaped, colored in red—perfect red—perfect fit

A small peck, here and there savoring every moment, healing all wounds;starting anew.




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