" A Night to Remember"

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This is not about a dream but destiny.The reader witnesses the exact moment that fate alters the direction of life. Suddenly and unknowingly, one finds themself next to the key which unlocks this destined future. This spiritual connection delivers a love so powerful a revival of the soul awakens true self, leading towards a journey beyond desire. This passage begins a saga, a new chapter of life, the reader is now the audience to an exploration of the soul's deepest feelings about itself and its soulmate. The character's hearts are now the compass to their ship--

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012



A Night to Remember


It all happened so fast.

You, me—together at last—

And then it all ended just as fast.

But I remember. You, me and the moon—full and bright and the only light on the night we first met.

Standing beside me was the dream I had crushed and the hope I had drowned.

Alive and full of life smiling at me who had forgotten how to smile—

In your eyes; was the vision I had lost.

Suddenly I was everything by your side.

Fearful, but hopeful—

I sat watching your every gesture

And then I felt the warmth of your hand against mine and for the first time, I knew comfort.

Your voice became the new genre of music I discovered and the joyful noise within the confines of my soul.

In the cage, a thunderous heartbeat from he who had finally awoken to the sound of love—

Ready to give, ready to receive—

Every passing moment meant more than the one before—

Unlocking every door ever locked—

Fantasy or reality, I cared not to move away from your glow—

Wanting every detail of what makes You.

Again I watched in amazement your glistening eyes as they spoke to me while your voice sang—

With magic floating in the air, unfamiliar feelings and the desire to hold and keep soon conquered.

Our bodies then held on together as time stopped and we knew this was not just another night.

Despite the many goodbyes, we lingered knowing not that this would be the last—

And with the moon as our only witness, on this a night to remember, I remembered the promises between our hearts to one day beat as one.  


To be continued…


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