" Love Ghost "

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Love Ghost is about the memories of a love story once lived which remain with us after a break up because our hearts may still be with the other person. Even though you are seperated for whatever reason--the Love if powerful enough lives on.

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



Love Ghost

Lately, you’ve been visiting more than usual—

Flipping back to the pages of a closed chapter of a love story once lived.

Like in the first chapter, you come uninvited. Without a knock or warning, you infiltrate my mind and then my soul as they are all I have left. The traitor, who was once my guide and link to Love, chose to remain with you and not me who protected him.

Of him, I wish not to speak of as he betrayed me. We were not supposed to settle anywhere for too long. The rule was always clear and simple; one foot in and one foot out in case we ever had to run. I needed to run, and so I did knowing it would kill you.

Now a fugitive of Love, I run but cannot hide because you haunt me with memories and thoughts of you—

In dreams—you take me back to that familiar place where for the first time we saw each other and smiled—knowing that we’d wake up every time from then on, and the sun would always shine even when it rained because in each other we found Love.

Love which I couldn’t and didn’t want to accept for fear ruled me.

Just yesterday as I lay in bed---you came to me again, whispering words we once shared. Over and over, I could hear the broken promises; the many “I love yous,” your laughter and your pronunciation of my name—all of it tormenting me. Then the images of us would play over and over in my head—only there was no stop button.

In my attempts to escape you, I thought the television would help –except it didn’t, it couldn’t. All I could hear was your voice, our laughter and how much we loved each other. Memories so real they paralyzed me in bed. This time, I could not run but could see, hear and feel all.

Seeing now what I couldn’t see before—were the many nights you stayed up guiding my sleep—tip-toeing your fingers over my face and then gently kiss my lips. Here, I remembered there was nothing we wanted more than to be with one another---doing absolutely nothing and yet it still meant absolutely everything.

You then reminded me of my favorite past time examining your face inch by inch and then gaze deep into your eyes— only to see my reflection because you saw me.

Beyond my thinking, I relived the moments when I couldn’t leave your side without a kiss—and sometimes when I would forget I would blow you one from across the room, where you never failed to catch.

Buried deep within the confines of my soul, was my most treasured memory of how your eyes smiled brilliantly every time you saw me. 

When I thought the torture was over, you then sprayed the sweet scent of love---a familiar powerful scent, taking me back to the night we first made love. Watching closely the fashion in which we held one another---I knew then I had made the greatest mistake of my life. I abandoned my heart; the best part of me and worst of all— I killed you in the most senseless of ways with my goodbye.


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