" Remnants of You"

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Change in one’s life always comes at a cost. Love always seems to change our lives but when the decision is made, sometimes a love lost becomes the company that misery invited in. Left with desire for what once existed, the author pens to paper this instance in which the character feels the pain of heartache caused by prideful actions. Ceasing to live,his heart feeds off the emptiness that is the residual effect of a love lost.Forced to travel seeking what can’t be replaced so he returns to all he knows, loving himself, but to no avail because he too has lost himself in loving his true love lost.

Submitted: September 07, 2012

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Submitted: September 07, 2012



“Remnants of You"

It was supposed to be a step forward. A chance at a new beginning, but

There's no help but noticing that things are different- they will always be.

No matter who, no matter where there is no you; just an empty world.

Different hopefuls knocking with no answer come and go.

My soul cries for help, and my heart aches in disgust

Sometimes reality is a bit obstruct, a bit obscure

Navigating with no new destination but the previous—

Embarking on a journey to a once familiar place where happiness lived, where love once lived—

In songs, a reminder that there was once a "we"—you and me. Love was simple.

Countless nights I've spent trying to find the warmth and gentle feel of your arms when I lay

Pillows we once shared I still have with the sweet scent of your perfume still lingering

Its calming effect misleads, and I imagine you here making music as you did with keys to my heart.

Hoping you know I still love you more than life itself--I find myself wanting to call, wanting to text as if

But I can't. I was the one who hurt to be then hurt by the absence of love.

The one and only love who woke every morning with a bright smile, rain or shine for I was your sunshine—

Proud to claim what gift you considered me, you cared and loved giving more than enough. Such was your love--

And here I am attempting to erase history. Start anew by suffocating the heart which still lives on the hope of your return.

A smiling face holds back what tears yearn to flood down my face and wash what fake smile I paint for the world.

A constant search for that feeling--

The one I got the first time we met and every time after that-

However just as empty the search ends leaving me wanting more.

Comparisons fall short and are anything but--

Remnants of you pursue and at every turn something becomes you.


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