Icy Blue Eyes.

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About people who want to bring me down and how they cannot do so due to one thing...

Submitted: January 11, 2012

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Submitted: January 11, 2012



I feel breathless, I feel weak.

Every time i smile a genuine smile a devil will come and knock me from my feet.

As I pick myself up and I'm onto my knees,

I feel your devilish breath, I can feel your fake-ness as you heavily breath.

"You are nothing to nobody!" You said, smiled and cackled.

The anger heats up in my stomach, 

The feeling like you have just been rugby tackled.

The heat in my body,

Not the good kind of fire.

The disgusting things I want to do to you,

More than anything I desire.

I feel my hand clench into a ball,

Don't mention your friends either, fuck them too, fuck them all!

Your presence irritating through me, 

Multiplying like mice.

Then your evil smile instantly disappears,

Your fiery eyes die out from the ice.


I get a shock when I feel a hand on my shoulder,

As I turn round and see all my anger will be over.

Not any kind of ice, 

Not a simple block.

A kind of ice that has the key to my heart, my heart takes off like not one bird but a flock.


You fly away into the darkness and I feel a sense of relief,

The anger disappears instantly and the smile reappears from beneath. 

The ice that makes me smile over anger,

That fixes my heart, picks me up and pulls out the dagger,

Is not just ice but icy blue eyes,

And it not god, to your surprise. 

But an angel to me, something I love and I will forever,

A boy who makes everything disappear from the devils who lie to the snakes that slither.


So shout down to me, try and intimidate me because I'm small,

Call me all the names you want, I have heard them all.

From bitch to fake, from cow to snake,

Ugly, sick and for what I did I am a dick.

But remember when you are back home continuing to be a bitch,

Laughing because I don't have a job and you are rich.

Just remember you can't get through me,

You can't get me down.

You may do it physically and say I'm a clown.

But mentally I will be perfect and do you want to know why?


Because through all your faults and lies,

I have the boy with the icy blue eyes.





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