The Walk Of Darkness

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The poem is about what I see as a little summary of life.

Submitted: January 08, 2012

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Submitted: January 08, 2012



Life is like a long walk,

A walk with things you carry.


As you walk your journey,

To the end you will find the white light.

Something you will appreciate,

After the long walk of darkness.


You will carry your luggage with you.

Throughout your life.

Realising you have to stop to empty your bags,

Empty them of the things that are slowing you down.

Things you don't need to carry.


Eventually you may meet someone in this long walk of darkness,

Someone to help you carry your luggage.

Someone who will keep you company on this long journey,

But keep in mind you may lose them in the darkness.


Life isn't easy.

You will fall in this long journey,

Causing scars that you may have till the end,

Or maybe just for a little while.


Just remember to keep walking up the hill.

You will not know where you are going,

You will not see.

But remember,

Go with your heart.

It will help you up the hill,

Help you to take the right path.


It may seem difficult,

It may not seem perfect.

But life will teach you many things.

It is nice when you meet that person to help you carry your luggage,

But what will you appreciate most?

Those moments when you are in the darkness alone,

Those silent moments where you can't do anything.

You will eventually stop and one again, empty some of your luggage.


After your long walk up hill,

You will get to the white light.

You will appreciate that bit of life more than anything else in life.




Because you have done everything you wanted to,

Completing life with only the things you really wanted to carry with you.

You will no longer need to suffer in the darkness.

If you are lucky, you will go to the white light with someone to help carry your luggage.


Appreciate life,

It's not easy.

Sometimes you want to lose someone in the darkness,

Someone you will let go of because through all the memories, 

They have caused you scars.

But when you get near that light,

You will want to walk through the darkness,

Just to live through those scars you have, one last time.



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