Forms of Love

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My description of 'love' and all that...

Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011



From warmth, therefore love – she imagines of him.

“Every drop you leave of your dirty lust,

drives the woman inside me, makes me want you,

the heat, the moment takes me,

and you have me at will.”


From scent, therefore love – he thinks of her.

“As the sun settles beyond the horizon,

you walk by, I feel you, I want you,

my mind has frozen, you have taken over me,

I cant control myself.”


From obscenity, therefore love – she speaks of him.

“I am corrupted by your vile mouth,

you make me feel dirty, and strange.

I like it. So do you.”


From pain, therefore love – he lusts after her.

“I enjoy the strike of your hand,

the intense anger you release on me,

otherwise I felt nothing,

so keep on hurting me.”

From poison, therefore love – she conspires with him.

They intoxicate themselves,

the flow of wine, the made up lies,

the fading moments, the false memories

and the morning goodbyes.


From conflict, therefore love – he tests her.

“You have thrived in the disagreements,

violence and in the destruction of it all,

you have spoiled me with your addictions.”


From water, therefore love – they unite.

She goes under the surface, he follows her,

they watch each other, forming connections in a new world,

they love each other in the depths of the ocean.


From tranquility, therefore love – she calms him.

“When you sleep I will gaze upon your body,

I am intensely aroused by my desires,

you will feel me in your dream as you sleep,

I shall sex you in to a euphoric waking.”

From deprivation, therefore love – he hunts her.

She walks alone in a dark alley, awaiting him,

playing the victim, longs to have all taken away,

provoking the criminal in him,

“I enjoy the thrill of the chase.”


From solitude, therefore love – she departs from him.

“I finds myself in a vast unsettling loneliness.”

She excites her sex, looking in the mirror,

her fingers play, only touching lightly,

she realizes her own existence.


From love, therefore satisfaction – they are content.

After they love each other tirelessly,

only their sweat and stains remain,

they are now joined, naked and shameless,

she looks at him, he reassures her.


From satisfaction, therefore foolishness – she deceives him.

He tells her all his secrets, she manipulates him,

he will do anything, sacrificing it all for her sake,

sheltered in false pretense.

From foolishness, therefore death – he remains without her.

She goes in for the kill, disarming all of him,

and now everything falls apart,

back to the beginning,

like it was before they met.

From death, therefore grief – she hurts him.

An unimaginable despair befalls upon him,

their affair ends in suffering, regret, and anger,

none of them are well, as both of them pay the price,

for being in love in a loveless, cold and unforgiving world.


From grief, therefore emptiness – they find clarity.

Everything is re-created again, but this time differently,

each one of them finds a new life,

though they carry their past with them,

they are free, to love again if they want,

or to fall again if they wish,

“I shall endure anything, nothing can limit me.”

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