iSuicide? China factory say 'no killing yourself, keep working' to the slave worker

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We all know everything is made in China... including the Apple products...

Submitted: November 12, 2011

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Submitted: November 12, 2011



One of the coolest jobs in the world can be found at an Apple iPad/iPhone factory in China.

They even had to install nets to prevent people from committing suicide (I suspect because of the clean up costs and the attention it would get from the media, that is if they even notice):


So now, they have been force to sign an ‘anti-suicide’ agreement. Yes, that is what several sites claim:

Some sites say pledge instead of agreement, so I guess since its pledge, it sounds more like a harmless promise. But either way, they want the slaves workers to keep on working, in the same shitty conditions, and now you cant even fucking die if you want?? The problem with a country like China is people can not even protest, and they have been lied to about work ethics and that its honor or whatever to have a job and work hard. But there is no honor in being a slave.

“Treasure you life” is what they say, look at these guys:


I urge you to buy more apple products so it can help the company make more profits, and keep jacking up the prices but essentially selling last decade tech with different colors and sizes.

No fucking shit, actually, I hate apple even without the ‘evil’ behind the manufacturing of their products. I do not get the fascination at all.

I know that most of the electronic products of these big companies are done by cheap slave labor in countries like China, and I’m aware that its not just apple products, it also includes gaming consoles, PC products, and even clothes. In the case of those so-called designer clothes and bags and whatever, its essentially cheap product but since its a label, they want you to pay more because you have been tricked into thinking its all about the label, but its not.

For those who love their iPads, iPhones and iwhatever, please research & read for yourselves, because I’m a biased Linux user and I do not use apple products at all. Be aware of what you are directly or indirectly supporting, whatever you do from there is up to you of course.

Extra shit:

Apple admits using child labor:

Apple’s China treats workers like machines:

Apple admits China factory workers poisoned:

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