Mind Vs World

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Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011



I dream a lot. When I close my eyes I continue to live, but in another place. In my own place, something of my making. Though sometimes I am evaded by my past or other things that bother me.

I cant draw a line anymore between my dreams and my memories. I know it should be the function of the mind to forget dreams. However, its my goal to remember. Its my goal to stay awake, to stay in the moment, always. Never loose sight. Never wander off mindlessly.

I would keep a dream diary, but, I mostly see war, sex and violence. I'm always fighting against them. Against everyone. Suffering.

When I lucid dream I become God and I destroy everything. I disintegrate them all. They all perish. My imagination goes anywhere. Nothing is out of my reach. In my lucid state, I don't even bother to fight back, all I do is point my finger and my enemies are at my mercy. In God mode, I simply move anything I want with my mind, effortlessly. Easily switch the surroundings into anything I so desire. I can have anyone I want at any moment of that phase. There are no consequences, only the fear of seeing what I'm truly capable with all that power.

My dreams shall remain with me. My dreams shall die with me.

But before I sleep forever - I shall merge myself with the dream world and slow down time to the point that I shall live another lifetime within the few remaining minutes of my life. Because time is distorted, its easy to live longer within a dream than its possible in the actual hours you're dreaming.

Maybe one day I shall finally see the whole universe, or whatever exists out there. Perhaps I shall discover the truth, perhaps I shall become one with that whatever it is, the singularity, the energy, the everything.

But for now, I shall return to this physical world. A world with pain and suffering. A world with beauty and fragility. A world where many things are possible, but with limits.

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