The Killer Inside My Dreams, The Dreams Inside Me

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If you have ever had dreams that are clear as the day, or lucid dreams.

I walk afloat like a God spirit, I have no face, no form and no reference.

I become the hunter – I will hunt those who hunted me.

I have no remorse, I feel no guilt, I feel no sorrow.

I feel nothing but the pleasure and overflow of power.


I will fight against you all, whether good or bad.

I will never stop, I will never yield myself, I will never become like you.

I shall not be overcome by anything or anyone,

I shall not be merciful anymore,

since I have become the ultimate energy.


I will fear nothing, no evil can harm me, no goodness can compel me.

Even the darkness will flee from my presence,

even light shall fade and collapse in itself.

Neither sound nor matter shall exist without my permission.

I shall consume everything.


Though I struggle with myself at times, theres nothing you can do,

you can never defeat me in this world, my powers are endless

I can erase you without even lifting my hand, without any effort.

I am here, there and everywhere I want to be.

Submitted: November 11, 2011

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