Where is my Heaven?

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Yeah, I want to know, where is my 'Heaven'?

Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011



Everybody seems to be in the business of getting their share of the big cake. I want mine too. I don't care much for the singing choirs and praises, I just wanna chill somewhere, relax, have strange women around me, whispering sweet nothings to my ear in a foreign language, as I lay back in my wine fountain no eye in the sky, no eternal damnation, no war, no competition. A world of abundance, a fair world, a free world, a creative world, a dynamic world. No more fear of the unknown, no more hangovers, no more liver damage, just the pure 'high'. No more prisons and injustice, no more poverty and social classes. An eternal realm without a fascist communist god. Am tired of burying gods every millennium, it's no fun. No more mindless devotion and faith. A place of music, and beautiful art. A peaceful place balanced for all. No more profit and oil, no social engineering and population control, no more torture and discrimination, no more slavery, no more rich people – everybody becomes a king or queen. A place of compassion and affection. Lust and happiness too. No shame, no guilt, no social influence. A place where everyday can be celebrated, A world where meaning is not a requirement of life, a world without man-made divine purposes, a world where everybody can make their own purpose, their own meaning. A world with less suffering. Biological immortality. A time (place) where people care for strangers without any special affiliation, no need for groups and separation, no need for organizations, no need for borders and countries and soldiers. A world more united, a self governed world where everyone can contribute in their own way. No more taxes, no more wages, no more sacrifice, no more sin and debt. A world of dream and love.

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