Don't Talk to Strangers.(entry for Ripplingwaters's Magic and Musical October Contest)

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This is my entry for Ripplingwaters's Magic and Musical October Contest!
The piece of music that i had was; Symphony No.5 ,Op.67 , "fate" Allegro Con brio.
Enjoy,and i hope this is good enough!
(this is from a ten year old´s point of view)

Submitted: September 03, 2012

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Submitted: September 03, 2012



"Do not speak to strangers Evangeline, remember that,"

"Why? why can't i make friends mum? i wants friends like Grace again! and why can't i visit Grace sometime Mum?"

"I-um the cake's in the oven sweetie,i better check,"

Excuses.I didn't understand,but i guess she couldn't tell a ten year old.

We had moved to Fate St. and i don't know why.I hated this street,nobody ever said hello,they just walked past the house,ignored my words,like i was an illusion and put grave expressions on their faces,like something terrible had happened.

Every Morning, i would swing on old swingset that was seated up with two rusty poles,and two chains came down to hold the wooden slab.I watched as people went by,talking,and becoming silent as they past ourhouse.Now,as i swing back and forth, i can see a young woman with pale skin and long black hair jogging swiftly,a slim man with glasses delivering mail,but as he went by he did'nt throw a newsletter at ourhouse.Our house had a red rooftop,which was sunken-in slightly,a small garden where leaves crunched every step you took,and small old patio at the front,where two wooden chairs stood lonely.The outside walls are very dull grey ,and the paint was peeling off.

It was October,my favorite season,when all the leaves deserted their trees,and were left piled up and huddled against its trunk.Mum,was busy as always,of course she could'nt sit and talk to me, she had to Bake bizarrely.Every day,cakes,Cupcakes, made me crazy.

"Evangeline! time to practice your ballet!"i heard her shout now,

Did i mention she always wanted me to practice my ballet?.

"Which piece?"i asked,slipping on my black ballet shoes.I flexed my toes,and got up.

"i was Thinking,"she said while staring at the CD of classical music." 'Symphony No.5 ,"fate" allegro con brio' ?"

I nodded,getting in position.Mum always wanted me to dance to this piece,but as usual the children version.

First, 5 assembles;A jump launched from one foot and landed on two feet,Then;One plie;Fondu;Fifth Postion,Fullplie;and end in a jump thats launched from two feet,and landed on one foot.

"Bravo Evange!"

"thanks,"i said grimly.

I got off my ballet shoes and started walking upstairs.

"where do you think your're going?"mum asked.


"Attic-? Evangeline,we do not have an attic!"

"but,what is the room above mine then?" I asked.

"Hollow,"she replied,with a strangeling look in her eyes.

I nodded.Hollow? but, i did not want to argue,so i turned around and sat on the wooden chair.I was bored,to death.

Later that day,my mum was sitting at the kitchen counter,writing something,then kept on scrunching the paper,and throwing it on the ground,while i was reading a book."Ahh..Ugh."i heard her mutter."What are you doing mum?" i asked.

"Just...writing down a reciepe for a-cake,i keep getting it wrong,"she fussed.

I looked at her,and she smiled.

"Mum,Are you ok?"

"yes, yes yes...of course,"

She stuffed all the papers in her bag,and ran upstairs.

I wondered where she was going...

I silently crepted after her.I saw her at the top of the spiral staircase,she was trying to pry open something on the wall,with a small metal pole.

I stayed quite as she revieled a hidden door behind the wall,and disappeared inside.This must mean one thing,she lied.There was an attic,she just did not want me inside,always like she didnt want me doing anything else.

I swiftly ran up the whole stairs,and opened the door to the washing supplies,which was oppisite the door mum had just opened.I stayed there,huddling next to a mop,a stinky broom,and a bottle of bleach,and maybe some bugs..

She came out finally,closed the door,making it once more blend in with the wall,and hid the small pole under the cabinet.As soon as she was downstairs, i quietly took the pole from underneath the cabinet,and started getting the door open.I pushed harder,and the pain ached my whole body.Then,with only making a little noise,i got it open.I closed the door behind me,and found myself looking at a small room.

Boxes lay everywhere,all types of forgotten junk,papers were littered,spider webs were everywhere,and it was very dusty and smelled of my grandma´s old couch .I walked around,and almost stepped on a old newspaper.A small spider crawled over the page it was open at.I picked it up,and started reading it,i flipped through pages,.One page caught my eye.

Murder of Karoline Groyle,and Evangeline Groyle:Tragic.

In their home,this family is murdered by a man known as Bob Fray,He has been caught,and his trail will begin on May 11.Evangeline Groyle,10 years old,was stabbed to death.Karoline Groyle,34 years old, was shot in the stomach and back,and after on life support for five days,died; Peter Groyle,43 years old is missing;Any other news on this will be delivered ASAP....


No....This could´nt be happenning..

All those lies hidden in the darkness seemed to slither out and chill to the bone.Dead.We are dead.

I could´nt talk to strangers because they could not see me.Everything was open.The truth was awful,but this was true.Its the only explanation,for them not seeing who we are,and we are´nt alive,we are Ghosts....

Ilusions.Not real.Not there.Invisable.

Why could i not remember my dad? and this house? so many questions,and no answers.

"Dont talk to Stranger Evangeline!" it echoed in my head.

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