Play With Me (Abigail Waters Story)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Call her name. It might be the last time you speak.

It was Halloween of ’92, three friends, Eric, Amanda and Teri, were leaving the movie theater,

“Candyman was so freaking awesome!” Eric blurted out.

“Yeah, if you like that kind of carnage” Teri said disgustingly.

“Nah, I’m with Eric” Amanda said, “It’s cool if you were scared” Amanda patted Teri on the back.

“I was not!” Teri shot back defensively.

“Prove it” Eric challenged.

“How?” Teri questioned.

“Ever heard the story of Abigail Waters?” Eric asked, both girls shook their head.

“Well” Eric continued, “Abigail Waters was a seven year old girl that was raped, tortured and killed by her deranged neighbor, legend has it that he lured her in with candy and promises of ‘fun games’. The legend continues that, just like Candyman, if you stand in the dark, with a lit candle and say her name three times, she will appear and she will take your life.” Eric concluded.

“What does this have to do with anything?” Teri asked.

Eric stared at her.

“Wait, you want me to try this Abigail thing don’t you?” She continued.

Eric nodded.

“Fine, I’ll do it when I get home” Teri said bravely.

“No!” Amanda interfered, “Do it in the car.”

“In the car?” Teri asked.

“Yeah, its dark out, there are side mirrors and a rear view mirror and I think mom has some old candles in the trunk.”

“Why do you have candles in your car?” Teri asked.

“Remember last month when we had all those frequent blackouts, well mom went to the store and bought all the necessities in bulk.” Amanda answered.

“Fine, let’s do it” Teri said.

The three of them went to the car, Teri lit the candle Amanda gave her, held it up to her face and began saying Abigail’s name to her reflection, “Abigail Waters, Abigail Waters….” She stopped, took a deep breath and finished, “Abigail…Waters.”

“RAH!” Eric grabbed her, she jumped and yelled.

“Gosh, you fucking asshole, you scared me.”

“I’m sorry, I had to, and it was too good to pass up.”

“Oh whatever, anyways, see nothing happened, no Abigail Rivers” Teri said in a mocking tone, “Waters” Eric corrected.

“Whatever.” Teri shrugged him off, “Just take us home Amanda.”

Amanda dropped off Eric first, and then Teri.

When Teri got inside her house, she went to the bathroom to brush her teeth, and wash her face, when she was finished she turned off the lights, but before she exited the bathroom she stared in the mirror and laughed, “Abigail Waters my ass.” Then she walked off, had she stared at the mirror one second longer she would’ve seen a little girls face staring back at her.

Teri went to bed, she couldn’t have dozed off for more than ten minutes when she heard a distant sound, she sat on the edge of the bed listening, it sounded like someone was singing. She followed the sound and the closer she got, the clearer the words became, it was the voice of a little girl singing “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean” Teri slowly walked towards the source and almost screamed out when she saw a little girl in a bloody white dress sitting on her couch, as if sensing Teri was there the little girl stopped singing and looked up.

“Hi” she said to Teri, “Do you wanna play with me?”

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” Teri asked scared.

“You called me, you asked me to come.”

“What…?” Was all Teri managed to say.

“It’s me, Abigail and I came to play with you.”

At that exact second Teri’s heart stopped and without much thinking she dashed to her bedroom, locking the door behind her.

“Don’t you wanna play with me?” Abigail’s voice was heard on the other side of the door, Teri ignored, she looked for her phone, she was about to call Eric when the screen went completely black, Teri pushed the power button, it came on, but seconds later all that was on the screen was Abigail’s smile, Teri dropped the phone as if it instantly got hot.

“Come play with me please” she heard Abigail’s voice, this time it sounded really close, Teri turned around to see Abigail staring at her with a big smile on her face, “Play with me now!” Abigail’s voice no longer that of a sweet little girl, it was demonic. With superhuman strength she shoved Teri on the bed, “Let’s play a game” she laughed, and her voice back to normal.

Teri was crying and pleading for her life.

“Hmmm what game shall we play?...I know, let’s play Scratcher”, and without missing a beat Abigail dug her fingers into Teri’s face, leaving long cuts on both sides. “You look like a tiger” Abigail laughed, “Pretty little tiger…now let’s play Circle of Life, you know what they say, we live to die and now it’s this tiger’s turn to die.” With that said, Abigail dug her razor sharp fingers into Teri’s heart, squeezed and twisted it until she convulsed out of control, screaming, until finally, nothing, Teri was dead. Abigail faded into the night as if she was never there…

Submitted: July 26, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Tony Hart. All rights reserved.

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