Poetic Sex

Status: Finished

Poetic Sex

Status: Finished

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Poetic Sex Poetic Sex

Poem by: Tony Hart


Genre: Poetry



Poetically sexual


Poetically sexual


Submitted: July 08, 2012

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Submitted: July 08, 2012



Let me whisper these words

And send a chill through your body

Let every syllable unbutton your blouse

Every letter will be tiny kisses all over

Let the structure of the sentences

Be the playful bite on your neck

The fingers of each paragraph

Will run lovingly along your skin

The rhyming words,

Let them be the soft hands

Gently caressing your breasts

Each line of this poem

Shall trail kisses from your lips

Down to your valley of love

I’ll once again whisper the words

And let a flicker of pleasure ignite from within

Close your eyes

As I read to you the poem in its entirety

Let every word slowly penetrate you

Let every line fill you up

The syllables lovingly kiss your lips

The sentences are getting intense

Let the words take you to a higher world

The poem I’m reciting is about to come to an end

With the last word whispered

Our eyes meet

We interlace our fingers

As the poem blankets us with love.

© Copyright 2016 Tony Hart. All rights reserved.

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