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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Nightmares and reality intertwine

The pendulum sways back and forth

Back and forth it sways

13 chimes emit from a broken clock

The ground beneath my feet cracks

The ground beneath my feet crumbles

The ground beneath my feet gives way

And I find myself falling



Deeper and deeper into nothingness

I see darkened hands with no bodies

They reach out for me

Some with claws

Some with no nails

They stretch

And stretch

Yet I remain slightly out of reach

Suddenly time stands still

Then it melts into something indescribable

Now I find myself in an ocean of melted time

Reminiscent of ‘The Persistence of Memory’

Being pulled by the currents

Swaying one way

Then the other

Quite like that pendulum from the first line

Something pulls me under




I am being pulled into this thick liquid

But somehow I can still breathe

Everything is clear

I relax

Unknown creatures surround me

Some big

Some small

Yet all unknown to me

They then stand in a perfect line

According to size

Smallest to largest

Each eating the smallest one before it

It’s only me and the last creature

I try to swim away but I’m stuck

It smiles at me

Open its mouth

And swallows me whole

Once again I find myself falling

Falling into the unknown

I see a light at the bottom

And I fall right through

The darkness cleared

And I’m standing upright

In an upside down world

Birds are flying around my feet

While dogs run up above my head

Everything is backwards

Backwards is everything

A man with an upside down face

Yells out “You don’t belong here!”

He points a finger at me

And I feel myself moving

Being pushed with a force

Smoke circles me



Slowly it dissipated

I find myself in a strange nightmare

But the sun is up

Maybe it’s a daymare

I see a bloody bride

Right hand holds a knife

Left hand holds a head

Eyes as black as ebony

Ebony envies her eyes

She licks the bloody knife

Stares at me

Walks slowly towards me

I ran

And ran

And ran

And ran

Then I tripped over nothing

And found myself in a pool

A pool of snakes

They slither around me

They slither on me

They slither above me

They slither below me

They slither

And hiss

Millions of forked tongues

Licking me

Tasting me

I yell

They enter my mouth

Slither down

I feel them slithering from the inside

It all goes black

I feel myself losing my earthly body

Slowly unconsciousness sets in

A loud noise pierces through

It sounds like a clock

Could it be the broken clock from line 3?

I opened my eyes

Alarm blazing

I hit the snooze button

Covered in sweat

I let out a sigh

Turned to the left

The sun beats down on my face

Turned to the right

The bloodied bride smiles at me

Raises her knife

I scream out…darkness…nothing…

Submitted: July 01, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Tony Hart. All rights reserved.

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Kandi Klark

WOW! This was so graphic and surreal! Your writing skills are unspeakable!

Sun, July 1st, 2012 5:54pm


Thanks for the positive feedback!

Sun, July 1st, 2012 12:15pm

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