Federal Ouches

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Being a day in America where celebration of independence is the goal, that is exactly what was set out to be achieved. Who knew that within a matter of minutes total freedom could be exchanged for total dependence?

Submitted: December 01, 2012

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Submitted: December 01, 2012




My Twenties and Federal Holidays

There seems to be an odd trend of bravery attached to my twenties and federal holidays. Leaving the house this fourth of July with my Nike's tied tight, long-board in hand, shirt off, and my “Smokin” playlist going in my headphones, I had all the expectations in the world to celebrate my Independence. To celebrate this independence I felt a certain hill and turn combination, or The Carve, was in need of conquering.

Embracing the warm sun and cool air across my skin as I take the first running steps that lead to the much necessary warm up, I knew something epic was going to happen. Using the beat of the music and slower speed to fine tune my feel of the board and unify myself with it was easily done. Throwing around a few practice turns plus every successful foot skated down a practice hill heading towards The Carve made me that much braver and gave me more of the confidence that this Carve needed.

I had arrived. I had arrived at the most crucial site of the turn but it wasn't the most crucial site because the hill portion of the hill turn combination is actually only the top of a very lengthy, ultra steep, and incredibly curvacious hill that ends at a major crossroad and just badly on a piece of wood attached to some rubber wheels. It was the most crucial site because today, while staring up this hill, I didn't see a hill. I saw everything that was going sour in my life, my debt, my girlfriend leaving me, school stress, just any and every negative thing going on. By conquering The Carve I could conquer everything else in my life.

Processing every aspect of what I'm about to attempt from the smoothness and width of the asphalt, to how good the sun feels, to how I should be waving back at the gardener across the street. Every step I take up this hill solidifies my expectations of what's going to happen as I go down it.

I could feel the monster's hunger the strongest up top it's head. This hunger for success, confidence, failure, bravery, blood, triumph, wasn't specific or prejudice, but I knew it was there and I knew I was going to give it everything. The landing on my board from the initial throw down is perfect and I'm ready to go.

I'm flying. The vibration that comes from the road after flowing through the board is felt by my feet and the friendly competing wind that is passing over my shins holds brings comfort. All of this is thrown aside when the comforting vibration rapidly evolves into its ugly cousin the speed wobble. An evolution that occurs at a minimum of 30mph, causing pleasure to quickly turn to business. All my concentration went from the expected success up ahead to the muscles needed to slow down and get the wobble under control.

Speed increasing, time was becoming a serious factor and a decision needed to be made. Option one being to continue down the hill for more thinking time just didn't sound too hot at the price of further increased speed and heading straight into perpendicular traffic. Commitment as the second and only real option, my feet were already repositioning and my body was shifting its weight. Ugly speed wobble under control and going at least 35mph by now I was the deepest I've ever been into any carve. I could feel gravel shooting off my wheels and hitting my knees. At the peak of the turn “Success!” rang through my head and every problem or fear I had ever had was gone. Everything was brighter, smelled better, sounded clearer and I was happy. Definitely all too soon though for no matter how committed I was or how bad my problems needed conquering, it wasn't enough. Expectations and perceptions will never win against reality or physics.

In the struggle between my weight displacement and the gravitational pull at that speed, gravity won. Throwing me in the opposite direction I expected to go. First my left knee hit the ground immediately transferring all that inertia to my right hip causing me to do what could only be described as the world's fastest version of the worm. All of which was rudely interrupted by the introduction of my bare upper abbs and ribs to the curb where my wrist was not too openly welcomed either. Adrenaline fueled I frantically began to scream hoping the gardener was still there to help. His memorably attractive daughter had come out with 911 on the phone before I could assess the damage. I didn't want to look because in fact, my biggest fear had come true at this point, where I was hoping there to be skin when I looked down there was only a lot of blood and pain. Finally, the ambulance arrives.

After many images and medications are taken, enough hours go by that I'm finally wheeled out of memorial hospital with a headache, a knee brace, and a splinted broken wrist that couldn't be put in a cast for three weeks because of the open hole in the same palm. All of these injuries are flesh and temporary, the most important thing I left that hospital with on that day of independence was that independence is not achieved alone. As well as, letting my ego supersede reality tends to lead to a lot of pain.

This being the odd thing about the trend of bravery on federal holidays in my twenties. Memorial day of 2011, I let my ego defeat reality and decided I was brave enough to drive two times over the legal limit, underage, and in the military. This of course cost me two nights in jail and a lot of money so one could bet almost anything that I'll be locked away somewhere very safe next labor day.

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