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A vacuum cleaner salesman meets a couple...and their son.

Submitted: November 02, 2006

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Submitted: November 02, 2006




Joseph got out of his beat up 1953 Buick Skylark, and looked up at the beautiful house that stood before him. It was a nice two story red bricked home with a rose garden and a white fence. He loved this part of the country. Georgia was always a pleasant place to visit this time of year.

He walked towards the house wearing his best two-piece suit and whistling a song to him self. He walked up the steps and knocked on the door setting the clunky vacuum cleaner down beside him; quickly he checked his tie and pulled down on his jacket. He knew the key to any successful business transaction was a good first impression.

A woman answered the door wearing a loose white skirt that stretched all the way down to her matching high heels. Her shirt was a modest Blue V-neck with a floral pattern. "Hello Ma'am." He said tipping his fedora again. He tried to project how beautiful he thought she was through his eyes. Not merely to flirt, but to sell his vacuum cleaner. "Would you be interested in buying a T2100 from Hoover? It's the best vacuum on the market." He smiled a big white grin at her showing off his perfect set of teeth.

"Oh, hello. Please, you must come in and speak to my husband. I'm sure he'd be happy to help you." She smiled back showing off her own perfect set of teeth. Her voice was very soft and gentle and the look in her eye was one of excitement.

As he entered the house he was thinking to himself how incredibly dangerous it was for people to invite perfect strangers into their home. What if he had been an axe murderer? Then he let his eyes wander over their living-room. It was a beautiful home decorated in a very modest and suburban fashion.

"My husband will be right down. Have a seat please. Would you like a cup of tea?" She said turning.

"Oh, no thanks Ma'am." She stopped walking away and turned to face him.

"Are you sure? I don't mind."

"No, I don't want to impose or anything."

"Don't be silly, no imposition. It would be my pleasure." She said with more excitement dancing through her eyes. A bit of her red hair fell across her face and she eloquently placed it back behind her ear in one swift and graceful motion, this of course causing his knees to buckle.

"Sure, that would be great. Thank you."

"Not a problem, and please, call me Catherine." She said with her luscious red lips burning an imprint into his brain.

"Charles, we have a guest." Catherine shouted. Joseph took a seat placing the T2100 next to his feet.

"Who is it dear?" A gruff voice came from upstairs.

"It's a salesmen, he wants to speak to you about a vacuum cleaner."

"I'll be right down." A few moments later a tall muscular man walked around the corner. He was wearing a pair of dress pants neatly pressed, a dark vest and tie, a long white sleeved dress shirt, and the whole outfit was capped off with the shiniest dress shoes Joseph had ever seen. The man stuck his hand out and said "Hi, I'm Charlie. How can I help you?" Joseph stood up quickly and shook Charlie's hand.

"Hey Charlie, my name is Joseph, but please call me Joe." Then they both sat down, Charlie in his high backed chair and Joseph on the sofa. Just as Joseph was about to launch into his sale tactic Catherine walked back into the room carrying a tray with a tea cup and said "Do you take your tea with sugar?"

"Uh-no thanks, plain is fine."

"Here you are then." She said handing him the cup. She then gracefully stood next to her husband and lightly placed her hand on his shoulder. Joseph, not wanting to be rude, quickly poured the hot liquid down his throat.

"Thanks ma'am, that was very good."

"You're welcome Joe."

"Did you have something to show me Joe?" Charles said.

"Oh yes. I'm here today to show you the T2100." He launched into his speech explaining all the ins and outs of the machine and all of its different capabilities watching the expressions on their faces and realizing they were hanging on his every move.

A few minutes into his speech he began feeling very hot and sweat began pouring from his face. Breathing was becoming more difficult so he loosened his tie hoping to get some air to his lungs. The words flowed from his mouth like a tidal wave through a canyon, but they sounded distant, like someone else speaking. Then as quickly as the situation began, it stopped, and all he could see was darkness.

His eyes snapped open, Catherine's beautiful eyes were directly above his. Her long eyelashes curved up giving them the appearance of being a beautiful flower. Then a feeling of dread washed over him as he tried to move his hands and couldn't. He looked around and could barely see anything. The only light in the room was very dim and coming from a corner behind him. He could just barely make out the straps that held his hands down to the table and although he couldn't see them his feet were strapped too. He became utterly aware of how naked he was when Catherine leaned over and whispered in his ear "Sorry it has to be this way Joe. In another life maybe..." With that he felt her fingernails lightly slide across his penis. He wasn't sure if he felt aroused or if he wanted to scream. He tried to speak back, but couldn't as he realized there was a sock shoved in his mouth and taped down. He felt her hot breath on his ear when she said "I really am sorry, but... Tommy is hungry." His eyes got silver dollar wide and he did his best to scream as he heard the click of her heels walking away.

Joseph heard what sounded like a chain moving from the corner of the room. His head jerked up and he squinted his eyes trying to make out what it was. Like a pair of headlights shining on a dark and lonely road two bright red eyes peered at him from across the room. He felt his bladder give out as his slim body began trembling from fear.

As the eyes began moving closer he heard the chain dragging the ground and Tommy became more visible. His skin was a dark brown; his long black hair blanketed his face and drug the ground along side the chain. He moved on all fours using his knuckles as feet, much the same way an ape does. Tommy jumped on the table revealing the thick, metal collar that wrapped his skinny neck. His face was hideous, much resembling a skull with a thin layer of skin over it. His bright red eyes still shown red, but they had no pupils. Tommy put his face up close to Josephs and he sniffed the air, Joseph could smell rotting meat on Tommy's breath. He tried to dodge the drool that streamed from Tommy's mouth, but it landed on his cheek. Tommy leaned his head down close and Joseph felt a warm, rough tongue slide over his face as the creature tasted his meal for the first time.

Tommy rocked back onto Joseph's legs. Joseph watched the horrendous creature bring his long sharp claws up to his stomach. Joseph could tell Tommy was toying with him now as he looked into Joseph's eyes and smiled a toothy grin of razor sharp teeth. Suddenly sounding like a cougar attacking its prey-the creature tore into Joseph's stomach. As chunks of his skin and flesh were removed Tommy shoveled them into his mouth. Joseph was screaming and wiggling around trying to squirm away. The straps held tight and the sock did its job as he got no where and no one heard anything. Then Tommy stopped using his hands. He leaned his head down and ate straight from the plate. Joseph could feel Tommy gnawing on his ribs.

Coldness shot through Joseph's body, and he knew the end was near. He pleaded for it to end, for his life to stop. As his eyes began to close for the last time he could see Tommy chewing on his intestines like they were sausage, and faintly, from upstairs he heard the vacuum cleaner doing it's job.



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