When Pigs Scream

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Can anything stop the screaming of the pigs?

Submitted: May 07, 2007

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Submitted: May 07, 2007




When Pigs Scream


The tired farmer sat in his rocking chair. The cold glass of whiskey dulled the throbbing pain in his hands from working all day.

"Tick toc-Tick toc" the clock on the wall said laughing at him.

His dark, sullen eyes stared at it disdainfully. He dropped the last of the harsh liquid down his throat, then stood to fill his glass again.

"Tic-toc-tic-toc-tic-toc" the clock said again.

"Shut up god-damnit!" He screamed out. Before he could stop himself, his glass was flying across the room. The clock shattered, as did the glass. Laughing he said "That'll teach-ya, piece-a shit."

The cover-alls he wore rustled as he made his way to the bar. The sweat that rolled down his forehead did little to cool the heat off his body.

"Why's it so fuckin' hot in here?" he said sounding irritated. The harsh whisky passed over his lips again as he stared at the thermostat. The numbers Sixty-five stared back at him. "Damn thing must be broke."

The small wooden rocking chair squeaked out its discomfort as he lowered his small frame into it.

"Tic Tic Tic Tic Tic" his wristwatch said to him as he stared at the phone.

"Shut up you, she'll be home soon. No woman cheats on George Pritchard." With that, he took another gulp.

"Tic Tic Tic Tic" the watch said angrily.

"Oh yeah, fuck you too." He responded.

Ding Ding Ding Ding the grandfather clock chimed, signaling it was the start of a new hour.

"I know what time it is assholes, now will you all shut the fuck up!" He screamed out.

The phone rang, boiling his blood a little more. He jumped to his feet and grabbed it like a cougar to its prey. "Hello, Katie?"

"Ah, Hello sir. Would you mind taking a quick..." a man's voice said before he was cut off.

"Who the fuck is this?"

"Um, my name is Gary sir, I represent..."

"Gary? Gary are you fuckin-ma wife?" George said into the phone.

"Um, no sir. I was just wondering if you would mind taking a ..."

"Is she there now? Put her on the blasted phone or I'm gonna gut you like a pig."

"Now sir I..."

"Hello? Katie?"

"No sir, it's still..."

"Who's this?" George said sounding confused.

"Gary sir I..."

"Is Katie there? Put her on the phone dick head. Or I'm gonna rape your mother."


"Hello. Hello? Hello!" George ripped the phone out of the wall and threw it across the room.

"Son of a whore, I knew she was cheatin-I fuckin knew it!"

Tic Tic Tic Tic

"Fuck you!" he shouted at his wrist.

He sat down in his chair again, this time with a thud. The chair was old and worn out, so when it broke, crashing him to the ground, he should not have been surprised.

"Mother Fucker. God damnit! The whole world is against me I swear to god!" he grabbed chunks of the chair and flung them all over the place. "FUCK!" he shouted.

The sound of a car door made him jump.

"Whore" he whispered making it sound more like her name rather than her title. The front door opened and his Forty-year-old wife walked in. Her short brown hair hung just above her shoulders, and her brown, wide eyes surveyed the room with misery.

"What happened George?" Katie said sounding frightened.

"Where was ya? And don't lie bitch."

"I was with Sue, I told you that."

"Don't lie bitch!" he screamed.

She shrunk back expecting to be hit like before.

"George, I swear by Jesus..."

"I know all about Gary. Now tell the truth."

"What? Who's...?"

"Don't lie. He called and told me all about it. All about how you was a cheatin' whore and sucked his pecker."

"George, I swear, I don't know who..."


She hit the floor; George loomed over her, staring with hate.

"George." She sobbed out.

"Now do you know? Who's Gary?"

"George I..."

His boot made a thump as it struck her in the side.

"If you don't tell me I'm gonna kill ya!"

"Please George, my ribs. I think you broke..."

George grabbed her by the hair and drug her outside. She was screaming, and he was crying.

"Why Katie? Why'd you haveta be like all them others?"

"George, please!"

The full moon shone down on the scene, the sole witness to his madness, lit his way to the pig pen. He looked up at it as he drug her across the ground.

"Shhhh, don't tell no one. It's our secret." He said to the moon.

"I won't tell George, just please let..."

"Not you bitch, him. He knows who I'm talkin' to."

Tears rolled from her eyes as her body thumped helplessly along the ground.

As they reached the pigpen, the pigs were squealing. They knew what was coming, they had seen it before. Their squeals penetrated the night, like a knife through a heart. It chilled him to the bone to hear that noise, but he continued his work nonetheless.

"Shut up assholes! If someone hears-ya I'll kill the lot of you, I swear to god I will."

Then George picked her up and held her high over his head.

"George!" she screamed as he threw her in the pen.

Her body made a sickening thwop as it landed in the disgusting mixture of pig shit and mud. Before she could scramble to her feet, George was over the fence and on top of her. George grabbed the back of her head again, then shoved her small, beautiful face deep into the mix; her screams were drowned out by the mess.

"Suck on that bitch! You wanna suck Gary's dick, well now suck shit!" he screamed pushing her head deeper. "Eat it whore, fucking eat it!"

After a few minutes, she stopped struggling. Her hands were clenched into little balls. He rolled her over and stared at her shit-filled face. Her cheeks were full and bloated like a squirrel with a mouth full of nuts. Clumps of the gooey mess clung inside the nostrils of her tiny nose, and her beautiful brown eyes that had once been full of life, were now blank with death.

The pigs were still screaming as he grabbed the shovel from the barn. They screamed the entire time he dug the deep hole in their pen. When the hole was finally dug deep enough he dropped her lifeless body in, then covered her up. How many had he killed now? Four...maybe five? He wasn't sure, they'd all been cheating whores.The pigs screamed till he finally left the pen and returned to his house.

Later that night he lay in bed. The smell of pig shit still filled his nose, and clung underneath his black fingernails. The moon flooded his bedroom, and occasionally the pigs screaming again broke the frail silence.

Tic toc tic toc tic toc his wrist watch said.

"I know, I know."

Then he heard his front door open and close.

Katie must be home he thought. But that thought didn't seem right to him. Something about it seemed off. Giving up he rolled over and played like he was asleep.


Does she have to walk up those stairs so damned loud?

The tiny hairs on the back of his neck rose as he saw an image of Katie dead pass over his mind's eye. Her face bloated and full of pig shit.

I didn't...did I?

The door knob to his room made a small squeak of discomfort as it turned slowly.

Did I?

 He heard the door creak open, his heart raced as he again questioned himself.

She's dead, I killed her. He remembered now the horrible scene.

Then how... his thought's were drown out by the sound of footsteps in his room. The smell of pig shit invaded the room worse than before. This was stronger, more putrid. So bad to the point he could taste it lingering on his taste buds.

George didn't want to look, but much the way a little boy peers over the covers at whatever demon is stalking him, George had to look. He just had to...have to. The disgusting macabre sight made him instantly regret his decision. At the foot of his bed stood four women.

The first he recognized as Ashley, his first wife. She was nearly all bones. Flesh and meat hung from her once beautiful face, and off the rest of her body, revealing the bones beneath. Her black hair was missing in places and maggots crawled in and out of her empty eye sockets.

June, his second wife, had green patches of mold all over her. One of her eyes hung gingerly from it's socket. She reached up and dug her nails into her face, tearing the flesh away. Blood flowed and squirted from the deep gashes she left.

His third wife, Caroline, screamed. Her dead voice was nothing like the beautiful music her voice once created. When she screamed the sound of a pig whaling escaped her throat. The sound sent chills hurdling down his spine, and goose pimples flew over his skin. Her tongue was missing, he had eaten that the night she died, as were half over her teeth. Caroline's skin had taken on a dry, rough texture, appearing like that of a snake before it's skin sheds.

Then there was Katie. Beautiful, sweet, dead Katie. She looked just like he had left her, face bloated and full of shit. Her hair had been matted down and she looked freshly dead.

The four of them circled his bed. All their stomachs were big, and full. They opened their mouths in synch and began spewing pig shit all over his bed. As they did the sound of pigs squealing escaped their dry, rotted lips.

George screamed as the shit covered him. Snakes, worms, and other various insects flowed from their mouths, wiggling and squirming through the rancid feces. Katie filled her hands up with the sticky goo. She threw it into his mouth and it made a sickening plop as it filled his mouth and cut off his screams. He felt it oozing down his throat. Worse than that, he could feel the disgusting insects that thrived on the feces squirming their way around his tongue. Katie jumped on his chest, Ashely on his feet, June and Caroline held his hands down. Katie leaned down and lingered her lips over his.

"She's going to kiss me, Jesus Christ anything but that. Please..."  What happened was actually worse. More shit flowed from the bowels of her stomach and into his already full mouth, forcing it further down into his body. Gulps of the messy goo began filling his stomach, then when he tried to scream it filled his lungs. The world started turning blacker by the second as the life slowly escaped his body. The last noise he ever heard, before his life was snuffed out, was the sound of the pigs screaming in the distance.

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