Samantha's Lover II

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Part Two of Samantha's Lover.


Sins from the Past

Samantha Steel was an ordinary young woman going to high school for the first time of her life when she was only human. She stood five feet and a few inches tall, but her legs took up most of her body. Her black hair was natural and they went beautifully with her grey (sometimes blue) eyes. She was an attractive woman for her age. Still growing, but a few adults would even consider breaking some laws to get a taste of what she had. Samantha was an only child and lived with her parents a mile away from school. Her father would drive her to school every day in his black BMW before he headed to his job. David Steel, her father, worked at a bar called The Inn Zone. Although the hours he worked were early in the morning and slow, he still had his regulars to tip him enough for the bread on the table. Mrs. Steel, otherwise known as Kathrin Steel, was a stay at home mother and played the part as best as she could, when she was sober. There’d be days when she would tag along with David to his job and sit at the bar playing keno and drinking (for free) while harassing her husband in his place of work. David disliked this, but always kept his mouth shut. When it was time to head to school and Samantha would see her mother walking out of the house with her and David, Samantha knew today wasn’t going to be a pleasant day when the parents got home an hour after Samantha gets home. Today, Kathrin was fallowing David to the car with her finer clothing on.

Samantha kept her mouth shut in the back seat of the BMW as the Steel family cruised down the street towards Samantha’s school. It was the first day of school and Samantha was excited to be in high school, but not so much about her mother having to ruin the evening, which was imminent.

“Last night Barbra called and guess what?” Mrs. Steel asked her husband. He didn’t reply, nor glance at his wife, but she continued to tell him the news. “She and Mike, you remember Mike?” Still no reply, “Well, they are going on vacation. But not just any vacation, they’re going on a cruise! Can you fucking believe that!? A Goddamn cruise!”  David cleared his throat when they came to a red light. “So I asked her, ‘How the hell can Mike afford this?’ and she tells me ‘Oh, he’s been putting twenty dollars away every paycheck since our last anniversary and now that it’s been a year he pulled out all the twenty dollar bills and bout the tickets.’ Can you believe that shit?!” Samantha was trying her best to block out her mother’s voice, but Mrs. Steel had the voice of nails graining down a chalkboard. “Why, can’t we save our money every week and do something like that?”

“Well,” David finally spoke, but like a mouse, “Maybe if you didn’t put it all in that keno machine we could.” Samantha took her gaze away from the side window to her father, then to her mother. Kathrin was starting to turn red, and then she started.

“Excuse me?” That terrible voice rising, “What the fuck did you just say!?”

“I simply said”

“Oh, I heard you David. Trust me, I fucking heard you. I just can’t believe you’d spit such sass at your wife!” Mrs. Steel so happened to spit on her husband when she was speaking. “What about that time I came home with three hundred dollars playing that machine? What about that time you weren’t getting any tips and I tipped you after I hit that four of a kind with the kicker?” Samantha had no clue what all that meant. She always heard her mother talking about keno, and deuces, and royals, but still could never understand what all that was. “I’ve fucking help you so many time’s cause of that machine! If it wasn’t for that machine, you’d be broker than you think!” Mrs. Steel was beat red and her voice was being heard from the cars next to them. Although the Steels windows were up and the people next to them had their windows up, they all glanced at the BMW with the big haired woman inside yelling at the man driving, or was that a mouse?

“Kathrin,” David said looking around and seeing the eyes of strangers with disgust and curiosity on their mugs. “I’m sorry okay? You’re right.” Mrs. Steel seemed to have heard the magic words, you’re right, because now she sat in silence with a shitty grin on her face.

“That’s right,” she said pleasingly, “I am right.” The light turned green and the Steel family was back on the run to drop Samantha off for her first day of high school.


Samantha was having a typical first day of school. The only thing different was how older she felt. She spotted some friends she had in middle school and they shared their class schedules. Some had the same class and some didn’t, but most of them shared the same lunch time which was first lunch. During their eager class exchanges one of Samantha’s closes friends Lilly arrived. Samantha had known Lilly almost all her life. They became friends in the fourth grade and have been inseparable since. Samantha and Lilly screamed and hugged each other. They didn’t spend as much time as they hoped during summer break like they planned. But that was okay, because they were here now. Lilly was a pretty girl about a few inches taller than Samantha. Although a slight taller, she lacked the fullness of her breast and thighs like Samantha. The one thing that stood out the most on Lilly was her long blonde hair and her dark blue eyes, but she still looked her age. The two girls showed their schedules and were thankful to see they had the same first period which was math, third period which was science education, the same lunch time (that was most important) and the same last period which was physical education. The girls jumped and laughed with joy about their matching schedules. After chatting with a few friends the school bell rang to head to first period. Samantha and Lilly locked arms and headed to class.

“So girl, how was your summer?” Lilly asked. Samantha could barely hear her over the sounds of other teens and lockers slamming close.

“Well, it was alright I guess.” Samantha didn’t have much of a summer thanks to her mother being up her ass all the time, but she wasn’t about to bring her up. That would just spoil their reunion. “How was yours?”

“It was amazing Sam! I went to the beach. Got a killer tan and you’ll never believe it.”

“What’s that?”


“Um, you rode a horse?” The two began to laugh and giggle.

“Close,” Lilly said between her laughter, “But no cake. I rode a man!” Samantha stopped in her tracks making Lilly jerk back from her strut. Samantha stood wide eyed and mouth open in shock.

“You didn’t.” She said in a low voice.

“I did.” Lilly said. “He’s some guy I met at the beach.” Samantha began to scream with laughter, drawing a few guys and a couple jealous girls attention.

“Oh my God Lilly!” Samantha screamed, “You popped your cherry!?”

“Will you keep your damn voice down?” Lilly snarled as she pulled Samantha’s arm to make her start walking again. “But, yes I did.” Lilly said smiling.

“How was it?”  Samantha asked.

“Well, it kind of hurt, but only the first time.” Samantha stopped in her tracks again making Lilly jerk once more.

“You did it more than once!” Samantha’s shrieked.

“Jesus Christ Sam, shut the fuck up!” Lilly said tugging her back to walking motion. “It’s not that big of a deal Sam.”

“I know, but we always said I’d be the first.” Samantha said pointing her fingers between her breasts.

“I know, I know, but we also said you’d be the first to date an asshole.” Lilly grinned at the comment which broke away when Samantha hit her in the arm with her binder. The second bell rang which told the students they had one minute to get to class or they’d be late. The two girls stepped up their pace and headed to class before being tardy.  


The rest of the school day wasn’t much. Just a bunch of teachers introducing themselves and simply running down what the class will be going through throughout the school year. Besides that, the only other thing on Samantha’s mind was Lilly’s sexual intercourse with a man. Samantha asked every question about every little thing of what happened. Lilly (sharing of course but keeping a bit to herself) gave out the information that the young man’s name was Doug, he lived in New York, had long black hair, great set of teeth, a killer six pack, he was a great lover and he was twenty one years old. Samantha was shocked to hear that the man Lilly slept with was older and almost started to believe it was all bullshit. But, according to Lilly, it happened. Samantha felt happy for her best friend to finally have done something they’ve talked about for years, but she wasn’t so happy to be the virgin. After all those years of talking about it, they both assumed Samantha would beat Lilly to the race of sex. Being the fact that Sam has had tits since grade school and boys’ were obviously attracted to her. But that’s not what happened. Lilly had sex first, not Samantha. So what does that mean? That simple question seemed to have stick to Samantha’s mind. Constantly asking over and over again why she wasn’t the first to feel manhood inside her. Trying not to let it bug her (or show it on her face that was) she congratulated Lilly into womanhood and told her she was lucky.

After school Lilly’s mother gave Samantha a ride home. The two girls promised to call each other later and they’d see each other tomorrow morning. Samantha walked into her one story house and locked the door behind her. She made herself an instant soup and watched SpongeBob Squarepants for an hour. After her soup and SpongeBob was over, Samantha went to her room and started some homework. Most of it wasn’t much and all she had to do was write stories about herself. It was during the second paper she was writing when the question popped back into her head. How did Lilly have sex before me? Samantha’s right hand stopped mid-sentence when her inner voice spoke. She had almost forgotten about the question during the end of school. Lilly wasn’t making such a big deal about it so Samantha dropped it, until now. Now, Samantha Steel was felling jealousy run through her bloodstream. Lilly is a pretty girl, her mind said, but she’s as flat as a board! This thought made Samantha frown a little for thinking that way about her best friend, but it was the truth. Samantha dropped her pencil and left her room to grab something to drink. She went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. Inside was nothing special but a few beers, some cheese, a carton of eggs, spoiled milk and some Pepsi. Samantha grabbed a Pepsi and cracked it open. She took two sips and headed back to her room. It was the sound of her dad’s BMW that made her halt in her tracks. She stood for a few moments and waited for any signs of how outrageous her mother was going to be tonight. The question was answered immediately when her mother shouted the words fuck you Dave and slammed the car door. Samantha sighed and started to walk into her room. She made it inside and had her door locked before her mother and father came through the front. 

It was an hour later when Kathrin Steel began to break things in the kitchen. The roar of her voice and the crash of broken glass were making Samantha shaky. Samantha didn’t want to be in the house any longer then she had to. She was tired of putting up with her mother’s madness. That being said, Samantha opened her bedroom window and sneaked out of her hostile home.

Samantha Steel roamed the streets for an hour or two before making it to the public park. The sun was heading down and dusk was begging. Samantha crossed the wood chipping on the playground and looked at the jungle gym. Memories of playing on the gym crossed her vision and a small grin crossed her face. She was almost tempted to climb up and go down the big blue slide, but that was kiddy stuff. She was starting to become a woman and playing on slides was for babies. What’s something a grown woman would do? Have sex of course! But Samantha hasn’t even done that yet. Does that make her a child? Now Samantha was past the playground and came to the three swings that hung to the left of the park. She sat in the middle and hung her head low. Why can’t I find love? Her mind asked. This was a new word though, love. Anytime she thought of sex it was visional as love making. Slow and romantic, candles and kisses by the fire place. Lilly made love, she even said so. So that’s why it’s bugging me. I don’t want sex, I want love! This revelation brought no joy. Wanting sex was one thing, but falling in love was a completely other. I have to find a way to fall in love, and fast! Samantha sat on the swing for a while longer and fought her tears. Once it was completely dark outside, she walked home.

When she got home all the lights were off and her father’s BMW was gone. David Steel must have either been kicked out or decided to finally leave, but Samantha knew which of the two it was. She snuck back into her room without making any loud noises that could wake her mother. She undressed; put on her pajama’s and went to bed. Before falling asleep she starred at the dark ceiling and kept thinking how can I find love? How can I find love? How can.


That night, Samantha dreamt of a man sneaking into her room through the same window she used to sneak in and out. The man had no features since the room was so dark, but in her dream he was handsome. The man came to the sleeping beauty and bent down to give her the kiss of life. But before kissing her he came to a halt. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a little piece of paper. The paper was the size of a fortune from fortune cookies. The handsome shadow tucked it under her pillow like a tooth fairy and snuck back out of the room.

Lilly woke from this vivid dream to her alarm blasting. She pushed snooze and proceeded to fall back to sleep when she recalled the dream. She slipped a hand under her pillow and felt around. It was silly she thought the dream was real, but before pulling her hand out she felt the tiny paper touch her fingers. She jerked it out, her heart skipped a beat and she looked at the letters on the fortune. It was two simple words: Ouija Board

Submitted: October 11, 2012

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