Still Quiet Peace

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To summarize my work is almost impossible because i never really know what the exact topic is. You will just have to read on and see.


You know at times I feel as if the whole world stoped. And ,to

be hounest, I wouldnt really have a problem with that.

But when the stillness becomes too consitant we often just get bored.

We never really apreciate it. And we just over look its wonders.

Stillness is a beautiful thing, just we as a society over look how beautiful it is.

Let me give you a example of what we as a society overlook.

Say your passing a park in the fall. Leaves gently falling on the lake and

the crisp breeze of fall drifts throgh the trees. Most people dont stop

to look and apreciate the beauty of it all. They just are too caught up in there own

world, looking for something that could be right in frount of them.

How can this be? How can the people of the world not see the natural beauty of the world.

Eventhough i am young i still see these things. Eventhough my life is not what you would say to

be perfect. I still stop to listen to the breeze and each leaf fall.

Even if people look at me wierdly and mock me.

For this i only take pity on them becuse they are bling of Gods beauty.

I fell sorry that they dont see what i see. I just hope that one day all will see things

as the beautiful things that they are and not point out the flaws that come with it.

If we all try to fing the beauty in things that we think are not so beautiful

Then maybe, just maybe we as a society can improve.


Katrina Chavez

Submitted: July 20, 2013

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