Insight towards Zim Students inAlgeria Stipend issue

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A voice for the zimbabwean students in algeria

Submitted: April 10, 2016

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Submitted: April 10, 2016



So as l sat back then l remembered that one significant year the Tanzanian gvt did the same mistake but their students did something that called attention of the Algerian media hence the ministry involved in this scholarship deal, such that the later contacted the Tanzanian gvt telling them they were now breaching the contract and they should stop sending more of their childrens if they can't look after them as per their agreement, that's how the southern african gvt realized their error and took action.

#Scared our many ambassadors over there might copy the same. #desperate situations calls for desperate measures

That's the major of the many problems with us majority of African nations 'tinoda zvinhu' and individuals also. Hatidi kusarira. Going with whatever deals that shows up but not willing enough to cruise along to the end with the terms of the whatever deals.

One normally gets allowed to fly into another country after being assessed that one is capable of sustaining one self upon reaching the destination. They will be avoiding destitutes in their countries

The rhythm is the same here, The Algerian gvt says alright you want your students to benefit from our education no problem, fine our education is free but provided you can support you children here because we don't want people who then become beggars in our land. Then our Zimbabwean gvt says ohh yeah that's not a problem at all, the two go on to agree on how much the other is going to be giving their students hence bilateral scholarship

But then after all this we hear children's stories going like this ,see our gvt is not giving us the money we signed for, the money they promised

#At the end we ask a lot of questions ????????????

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