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we had 2 do a project 4 mrs.austin and it wasnt going well

Submitted: May 09, 2009

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Submitted: May 09, 2009



My Group 

i have a group

we wont work

this is a stupid idea

Recycling! Whatever!


I have a group

We wont talk

To much silence

TALK PPL! thats what mouths r 4!


I have a group

We're gonna get a F

I watch school fly right out the window. Good-Bye!


Cody is mad

Cody is bored

Cody wont stop cussing

Stop Cody!!


Kayla is mad

Kayla is bored

Kayla wants a different idea

Sorry Kayla!


Julie is hanging

Julie is laughing

Julie is always happy

thnx 4 the laughs julie!


I wont stop fallin asleep

i am being to violent

i wont stop talking



i have a group

we are having problems

will we ever finish?

Probably not....


I have a group

every1 wants 2 sleep

Good night every1!


i have a group

i like my group

so we need to get working ppl

or we will get split up!


(dedicated to me,cody simpson,julie clark,and kayla cage!)

© Copyright 2019 toosdai kris sam cody clayton julie and kayla. All rights reserved.

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