A Commoner's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

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The down-low on surviving the coming invasion.

Submitted: June 03, 2009

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Submitted: June 03, 2009



A Commoner's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Section One:  The Basics


Hello, dear reader!  Hopefully,  you've gotten your hands on this guide before the invasion.  If you are not so lucky,  and the invasion has started or been going on for some time, then I advise you find a safe place to hide out while reading.  This guide will provide you with all you need to know about staying alive during the zombie invasion.

In This Section, you will learn:

-Why malls are BAD

-What equiptment you will need

-Basic zombie knowledge

-Basic tactics when fighting zombies

Why malls are BAD:

One common belief about the Zombie invasion is that malls are great places to set up base in.  They are not.  Malls, even though they have supplies to some degree, are almost the worst places you could possibly hide out in.  First of all,  they have limited supplies.  Sure, you might get some nice clothes,  some coffee or ice cream,  and maybe some basic melee weapons (golf clubs, baseball bats, etc.),  but face it:  how many malls have firearms?  Last time I checked,  little to none.  Firearms are absolutley crucial to your survival, but we'll discuss that later.  Malls may have access to some food through restaraunts, but you would have to run from place to place to gather fooblem of cooking the food.  You could either drag a kitchen into the store you're hiding out in, or you could hide out wherever cooking supplies are kept.  Both options are fairly risky, and risks are not something you need during the apocalypse.  But here is the REAL downfall of all malls: number of exits and entrances.  You've got two choices when it comes to setting up base in a mall.  You could set up base right out in the open and try to make some decent barricades.  This may work for a low-level zombie outbreak, but here's where number of entrances and exits comes into play.  If there are large numbers of zombies, maybe one hundred, they can enter the mall from almost any angle, which allows you to be attacked from any angle.  This will lead to almost certain infection.  The other option is to hole up in on of the many stores in the mall.  This may work, provided you had at least five or six survivors, if you thouroughly barricade the walls.  But you would need to pick up firearms somewhere else along the line, which is also a major flaw in this plan.  If you are completely stocked and barricaded,  this stronghold could get you through a month or two at the most.  However, and this is where entrances and exits come into play again, suppose a zombie horde has managed to get one of your doors open some how.  If it is a large hoard, you are dead.  The zombies will flood in, and you will have no way out.  In a nutshell, only use malls if it is your ONLY option.

What equipment you will need:

This will be a short section, as i will get into details onwhy you need these things later.  First and foremost, firearms.  Firearms are your best friend in the fight against zombies.  And to go with firearms, ammunition, and plenty of it.  Without ammo, a firearm is simply a useless piece of metal.  You will also need a generator.  shortly after the invasion, power will likely go out, so a generator will be necessary to give your base light, radio, and any other such luxuries.  Fuel for the generator will also be needed, and since everything is now free due to the world falling into chaos, the only problem in obtaining it will be finding it.  You will find that walking is NOT the best way to get around when you need to, and thus, need a car.  If you have a choice, go for a large truck or van.  Try to add some simple defenses to them.  Remember, no one cares how your car looks,  so a bit of sheet metal or wood here and there will be worth adding for protection.  If you can, try to mount some type of machine gun to your vehicle, in case of emergency.  As far as clothing goes, try to wear some type of light-weight armor at all times.  If you get careless and one of the undead bites you, it might just save you.  And last but not least, building supplies.  You will inevitably have to relocate a base at some point in time, and when that time comes, you need to be able to fortify it.  Quickly.  Some quick dring cement, bricks, and lumber should suffice.

Basic zombie knowledge:

The number one rule when dealing with zombies is to aim for the head, even with melee weapons.  The disease that creates a zombie is in the front of its head, and can be destroyed one of two ways.  The first way is to simply shoot the zombie in the head.  This will instantly kill the disease, and thus, the zombie.  The second way is by severe tramau to the head.  In basic terms, hit it really hard in the forehead.  This is not as effective as a gunshot, but can work.  If you have a baseball bat, for example, you can hit the zombie three or four times in the head, and with some luck, it should die.  Don't try this with hoards, though, for obvious reasons.  The second major fact is that zombies will not be detered by pain.  In fact, a zombie could have multiple sword though its heart and still keep on going.  This is because zombies cannot feel pain.  When a zombie is created, all nerve receptors are shut down, because the zombie is dead.  This means it can't feel anything at all.  This is another reason why going for the head is crucial.  The last fact is that not all zombies are slow and weak.  A zombie will lose some of its muscle due to decomposing, but if a star athelete becomes a zombie, then the zombie  will inherit all of his or her physical abilites.  It will not, however, be as intelligent.  The disease is located in the forehead, where it eats away the brain cells there and becomes an entirely new organ, in a sense.  But the brain is smaller now, and will not process information very well.  Also, depending on the parts of the brain destroyed, the zombie may be crippled or have other such defects.  Congratulations- you now have basic zombie knowledge!

Basic tactics when fighting zombies:

The most important thing to do when fighting the undead is to keep yourself from getting surrounded.  If you get surrounded, there still may be hope, but only if you are extremely lucky.  The other thing to consider is the type of wepn you are using.  Melee weapons should only be used as last resorts or for very small groups of zombies(1 to 3), as ammo conservation is important.  If there are moderate groups of zombies (about 10 to 25), an accurate semi-auto or burst weapon should suffice, provided you have some distance between you and the zombies.  Beware of the fast ones, though.  In large groups (40 to 70), a full auto weapon will be necessary.  When using an automatic weapon, try to fire at the general height of the zombies' heads.  This will take them out faster.  In zombie hoards (80 or more zombies),  unless you have a base, run. Escape to your vehicle.  If you don't have a vehicle, make a temporary base in a gas station or party store.  To do this, simply barricade the doors, have some of your group cover possible entry points, and have some fire at the zombies from within the stronghold.  I f you are in a base, once again have some people cover entry points.  Then, mount up the heaviest guns you have and let em' rip.  And, most importantly: BURY YOUR DEAD.  Zombies have a very acute sense of smell, much better than our.  They can smell a dead body from a very long distance, and the last thing you need is to attract more zombies after you finally get through a hoard of them.

THis concludes Section one. 

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