Forget - me - Not

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A woman struggles with the memory of her dead lover. As she holds onto the memories she has of him, she gradually loses her sanity and strength and has to let them go culminating in her forgetting everything about him, including his last words to her "Forget me not my love".

Submitted: February 21, 2009

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Submitted: February 21, 2009




Flowing crystal

- a clear substanceless hue –

which meanders, suicidal,

into the icy waters of the Atlantic

- which pours jade over blue.

Across its blooming banks,

we walked hand in hand.

Me and you. Oh you….


Apollo’s flaming chariot

falls through the cloudless azure,

into a deep wheat field of amber and gold.

It seems nothing can escape

Death. Nothing.


Against his ivory hand and

substanceless, ebony cloak,

the arrow of Eros which caught me

and you snaps. Rotting,

rotting into a dust.

Which scatters upon the rose fields

we pass.


Grasslands of green,

forests of soft, willow wood.

Their long tendrils, veil

their fragile spirits within.

We walk past flower beds of blue.

You look at me and smile.

I love you.

I do. I do.

Long lost is the memory I have of you now.

Fade it does with the daylight.

Envious Selene, it seems, wants to steal you from me.


You bend down to pick a posy

or two.  Sapphire petals in rings

of five. Five for every finger.

Five for every sense of mine.

I drown in a fit of passion.

I drown in you.


The freakish waters,

dance and frolic in a perpetual

state of ecstasy.

Laugh and laugh

the water does. Laughter

which pierce the crisp air and

ring, ring and

climaxes in a song. A requiem

- a myriad of mournful notes.

The Sirens continue to sing and sing.

You take one step.

One step then two.

The connection we have rips,

along with the love – the glue.

The waters swallow you.

Oh you….


Fading, rotting

the memories of you die.

Shatter and fracture like a

mirror. The pieces

become lodged in my psyche.

Rotting, fading

- the memories fly away on the black

wings of a crow.


I reach for you. The torrential blue

pulls you further and further.

Over the roar, I hear you.

You call and call and call.

Your voice sounds far away.

The flowers I hold cry in the madness.

Their sapphire tears glitter and

float along the cold, cold wind.

“Forget me not my love.”

You call. A last cry.

The words imprint themselves upon my soul,

my heart, my mind.

I wont my love.

I wont.


The memories of you rot to a dust and

fade with the dying light.

Lost you are forever from me.

The alabaster skin, your golden coat of hair.

The pieces left of you rot and fade.

Further you retreat into the shadows.

I can no longer hold on to them.


I’m forgetting you.

Forgetting your face,

your love,

your silk like caress of my skin.

I’m forgetting you.

The times we shared,

our hopes.

I’m forgetting you.


“Forget me not my love.”


Your voice becomes noise.

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