La Mariposa

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A young woman is being led through a forest by a butterfly and while doing so she keeps remembering times she spent with her dead lover. By the end of the poem she has been led to his grave and realizes she was led there by the reincarnated form of her lover.

I follow you,
up into the mountain forest.
Where the sunlight,
from the setting sun,
illuminates the ephemeral cherry blossoms.
Your glittering wings,
flutter gracefully on the soft autumn breeze,
and sparkle in the ethereal, amber light.

I remember us;
embracing by the fountain
in the centre of town.
It is approaching sunset,
and the street life is dying.
We sit there gazing into the crystal water.
Te quiero.” You suddenly whisper,
softly in my ear.
I smile.
Le amo tambien.” I whisper back.
Slowly we begin to kiss.
The roughness of the rock beneath us;
the harsh roars of passing cars;
the fading golden light –
none of it seemed to matter.
Time was only measured
in your heart beating against mine.

I wipe away a tear,
The vividness of the memory,
aches my heart.
Your flutter deeper into the dense forest.
I chase after you,
but the encroaching dark,
shrouds you from my eyes.

I remember that night;
the miserable rain,
hammering down upon the rough road.
You and I were running,
trying to find shelter.
Then a blaze of white
illuminated everything.
Then a roar –
oh a loud roar –
exploded in our ears.
Then I felt you warm hands,
pull me close – as if for the last time –
and then push me to the side.

My hands scream
as they strike the ground.
The sound came suddenly.
The sickening sound of something breaking,
then being smacked against the ground.
I turn around to find you lying there,
your clothes are stained crimson.
"Socorro!” I scream.
I run up and down the dark, deserted road.
"Socorro!” I scream again, "Hubo un accidente!”
You continue to lie there
not moving.

Tears are pouring down my cheeks,
as I remember you there
- so vulnerable.
I race after you,
through the forest.
"Espere!” I cry, "Espeme!"
A strong southerly wind,
shakes the overhead branches.
Cherry blossom petals,
soaked from a previous day’s rain,
shimmer as they fall like snow to the ground.
I call out to you again,
but you just continue.

Your shining wings,
sear a rift in the surrounding darkness,
illuminating a gravestone
- your gravestone.

I fall to my knees,
my soul cracks open.
The grief I kept laden in my heart,
rushes out like the outgoing tide.
My hands pummel the dirt,
my scream fills the dark.

Those final days,
come rushing back,
with as much force as a tidal wave.

I remember waiting,
the silent waiting in the emergency room.
Every tick of the overhead clock,
like a fire of a gun.
My heart feels ready to burst.
I can’t stop shaking.
I feel like a leaf
caught in a wind,
unable to control itself
let alone anything around it.
After painful ages,
a macabre doctor appears.
His eyes looked empty,
his face ashen.
My soul sank,
my heart stood still.
I stand up,
waiting expectantly for his verdict.
Lo siento.” He mumbles to the floor.
"No!” My cry resounds throughout the hall
as I crash to the floor.
My tears, everyone an ounce of my soul
falls through time and space
before crashing to the ground.

Your funeral I’ll never forget.
I stood by your coffin the whole procession.
The white oak,
looked so rough and uncomfortable.
I was certain you couldn’t have enjoyed
being in there.
Your face however,
looked more peaceful than I had ever seen it.
The light from the sunset,
shone gently on you -
as if caressing you –
giving you an angelic quality.
I felt like shaking you,
and yelling, "Por qu/em>?”
over and over till my lungs burst.
I felt like hitting you,
we still had our whole lives to live together,
how dare you leave me here all alone!
Mourners came and went,
but I stayed by your side.
I placed red and white roses
on your coffin as they lowered you.
I fled unable to stand anymore.

Later that day,
I found myself at the lake,
you and I had swam in,
earlier that summer.
The setting sun rays,
were dancing
On the lake’s calm surface when we were there.
As we lay on its banks
the light shone on your dark hair,
and it brightened your smile.
I casually asked you,
if you were reincarnated,
what would you come back as.
You turned to me and grinned,
Una mariposa.” you replied.

Sitting in front of your grave now,
I was jarred from my memories
back to reality.
Una mariposa?
I glanced at you,
as you fluttered up into
the strengthening dawn,
too far for my outstretched hand.
Una mariposa

Submitted: February 04, 2009

© Copyright 2021 Topher Sparrow. All rights reserved.

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Topher Sparrow

NOTE TO READERS: Sorry about some of the typos, I just noticed them after I published it.

Wed, February 4th, 2009 9:03pm


That was really impressive. You have a very unique style, I like it. As for the typos you can edit them by going to Publish, then clicking on La Mariposa, then again on Mariposa, then edit away. Great job and welcome to Booksie, feel free to stop by my page and check out some of my writing. Great job!

Wed, February 4th, 2009 10:17pm

Topher Sparrow

Thank you

Thu, February 5th, 2009 6:33pm

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