Ode to a Runaway

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This was when I contemplated running away.

Submitted: February 04, 2009

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Submitted: February 04, 2009



All there is is the wind.
A gentle wind,
a long mournful note,
sounding from a distance.
My music.
Soothing me,
as I sit only with my thoughts
upon the sidewalk.
Where do you get your strength?
You are always there,
never sleeping,
never resting.
Are you running from something?
You know,
someone once told me,
to get over sadness,
you must work.
Well my dear wind,
like a shattered vase that once held
a solitary rose,
your heart must be.
Watching as the petals,
slowly fall and are carried away
in the breeze.
Is that all there is?

No, there is also the rain.
The rain.
Tiny stories,
fairy tales.
Tales lost throughout the centuries.
Later found by Mother Earth.
She feeds them to her young,
nourishing their minds,
over-brimming their cells.
A cherished memory it is.
A memory lost to me.
A bookshelf space,
collecting dust,
that’s all it is to me.
The rain,
glass beads,
shattering upon impact,
their shrapnel,
embedding themselves in my heart.
A fairy tale it is,
but where is the Prince.
Mommy? Daddy?
I can’t find him!

I stare at the skies,
through my bedroom window.
My weary gaze,
at the inky sky.
The dark blue ink is doing its bleed wash.
Through the stains, I can see the dark canvas.
Some one has spilled glitter over it.
Everyone’s wishes.
Wishes embraced by the four winds,
and carried away.
Then caught upon Heaven’s net.
Everyone’s wishes that is,
except mine.
Mine are still down here with us
being blown to and thro,
unable to control their course,
unable to control their destiny.
Like leaves caught in the wind.
Like us half the time.
Will they ever reach heaven?
I don’t know…

That’s all there is, isn’t there?
That’s all that accompanies me now.
That and the moon.
My last companion,
watching over me,
as I cautiously walk the dark streets.
A crystal moon.
A looking glass.
Glass for the man to look through,
the man in the moon,
that man.
Watching as I leave this place behind.
Leaving behind my heart,
tearstained in a white envelope,
upon the mantel piece.
Leaving behind my love, my life.

Well wind,
Well rain,
Well stars, well moon.
You’re all that there is.
The only family to a runaway.

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