The Haunted

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
About a young woman who is goes mad after being left by her lover. This makes her see him every where and become haunted by her memories of him.

Submitted: February 23, 2009

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Submitted: February 23, 2009



Haunting me,

the silent footsteps,

that are constantly behind me.

Eyes from within my own shadow,

leering at me,

day after day after day.


The phantom,

that resides in my reflection.

Every time I go to look,

quickly vanishes.


  Every night,

as I toss in my sleep,

you lie in bed with me.

Your once warm, sweet breath,

chills the room,

my bones, my skin.

Like death,

slowly creeping up on you,

through the years.


  In every picture,

your there behind me.

Your eyes. Your eyes.

Once beautiful, sky blue,

now a grisly mist.

A mist, that silently

shrouds the sun,

killing the warm light.

So much so,

every flower,

opens expectantly for rain,

receiving only the icy hand,

of the quiet mist,

which strangles them,

and reduces them,

to a wilted shrivel.


  I tried to be with you,

so many times.

Oh so many…

Only I never had the nerve,

the dented iron gut,

pounded by its owner,

pounded by its lovers,

until it suddenly cracked,

reducing the fists to hands.

Bloody hands, hands that cry,

staining, tainting the earth,

with their impure scarlet tears.


Since then,

I rebuilt it with steel.

My shell of lustre,

so strong,

so no one would break through.

Only you did.

I would not let,

yet you persisted.

The constant banging on my chest,

restarted my heart,

filled it with a rosy hue.

Only to have it dim down in time.


You left,

your white wings flew you away,

dropping black feathers as they went.


like daggers,

singing to me as they caressed my skin,

making my skin blush earnestly.

The blush was everywhere.

One of your feathers lodged itself in my heart.

In my heart.

In my god damn heart.




I chased you for a month.

One month, then two.

I wanted you.

I needed you.

Only then when I saw you,

I no longer wanted to.

You had replaced me.

You had drained me.

Left me hollow.

Left we wanting more.



  Your face,

haunts the empty streets,

of my mind.

Constantly calling me.

Ghostly hands reach out for me.

I try to run from them,

only to have me grasp them.

I try to run but I’m frozen,

Why can’t I run?


Like the werewolf,

constantly hungry,

you come back to me.

Again. Again.

Taking a part of me,

every time.


  You rip through,

my steel shell,

and bite my silver heart.

The shards,

lodge themselves in you.

Forever in you.

They kill you.

You bastard, I’m trough.



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