The Nine Lives of Kitty

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This is about the break down of a young child's life - eventually culminating in their suicide by the end.

Submitted: February 19, 2009

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Submitted: February 19, 2009



Lost to love.
A love as pure as untouched snow,
yet as untangible as a dream.
The snow melted,
to a toxic beveridge,
the dream twisted and screamed.
The beautiful portrait
ripping down the middle.
The dream was lost forever,
cast amongst the dust and ash,
along with a life.

Ladened with burden.
Fourteen stones of it.
Too heavy to move,
life flitted by in an instant.
Spring. Love. Happiness.
So fast they were,
memories they are now,
but still fast none-the-less.
I couldn't keep up.
Couldn't keep up with you:
the hard stoic shell, harbouring the
tender muscle within.
You were washed away,
washed ashore with the tide,
and the debris:

a broken locket,
a smashed picture frame,
a wrecked journal.

While I sank to the bottom,
the bottom of the bitter sea,
my heart, a rock,
dragging me down to live with Davie Jones.

Three and Four.
A curse.
A black curse.
Conjured from the mouth.
Each venomous word,
laden with black magic,
anyone who beckons,
shall be entranced,
and forced to dance with Death
for eternity.
A jinx. That is all.
A mockery. A jest.
That's all it was.
A harsh sound,
a harsh command.
Once out,
I couldn't call it back.
Two lives gone.
Lack of experience.
I Apologize.

Black wings.
Feathers as sharp as blades,
as soft as the velvet curtain of night.
To carry a soul to the light.
I Apologize.
It's not enough.
The heavy soul,
whimpering softly,
emerald green eyes,
confusion. Fear.
I'm so sorry...
A friend in need.
Nineteen years of friendship.
Thirteen really.
Sleep came.
A life gone,
and the rain poured down.
An eternal rain.

Six and Seven.
My angel.
A savior in white.
Sitting there upon the golden wall,
smiling peacefully,
my savior,
my angel.
So much wisdom in your eyes.
How could it have happened.
Heart heavy,
a bag full of god.
Lost forever.
Unable to reach you,
the white gates bar my way.
The continuing rain,
drowns the poppy fields.

The sanctuary.
Rumbles Gaia,
and the temple falls.
Oh Hera how could you.
Zeus erupts.
The second world war ensues,
No winners,
only losers.
A world torn apart.
The Gods order a decree,
a void,
drives the paternal gods apart.
My life falls into the void.

The wind.
The gentle wind.
A soft requiem fills the air.
A jump,
oh wind grant me the sky.
Help me to fly.
Like a kite,
like the almighty eagle.
Freedom, my soul yearns for.
To the golden light,
I'm carried to
the white gates,
through which I finally pass.

© Copyright 2017 Topher Sparrow. All rights reserved.

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