Black Light

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So I guess you’re wondering, by now. Who the hell is this kid and how did she escape from the loony bin? She’s gabbling about double maths and the Human Rights Act and she thinks she has a friend who can pass laws. Who do we call to have her sedated?
Well, the answer to all these questions is right here. This kid is Emma Sparrow, Year Eleven at Duke’s High School. My friend can’t actually pass laws, but he has a surprising amount of influence on the Home Secretary.
Reassuring, right?
Well, it might help if I say I spent last night escaping from a soul-devouring monster with personal hygeine issues.
Or maybe not.
Welcome to my screwed-up life.

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Double Maths, Playground Fights and Life or Death Battles with added Biology Revision

Submitted: August 07, 2011

Emma Sparrows and Alex Marsters attend a normal, standard high school. They go home to a normal, standard flat.
And they fight monsters. Read Chapter