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the begining of what is to hopefully be a longer version of this story. An insane asylum doctor who is "here to help you" when you realize he is doing anything but helping.

Submitted: November 06, 2011

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Submitted: November 06, 2011





His shadows flickered against the stone wall, the candle wick burning low. The sharp edge of the blade was shining with a new purity against the cool metal tray along with the rest of the instruments arranged and ready for use. His body, use to the pattern of his preparations, allowed his mind to wander. Amusing how far he has come, when once he feared his own work and the response of his patients but now they hardly faze him, in truth they now almost amuse him the way there faces twist with shock, how their voices become hoarse after that first hour into his practice. Then if they were still awake or if it was a rather short procedure, this was hardest to overcome; furious they would be, even though the insane have no true reasoning skills, but as a doctor didn’t they realize he was helping them? Trying to make them better? Looking for a cure? He still has not come up with the answer to this question, but be that as it may he would simply seduce them, tell the nurse that the patient had been wandering, had a break down and have them take the patient back to their room, or rather padded cell. It was almost midnight he should be getting to his patient soon. Working in the Evergreen mental institution he learned very fast you can’t keep the patients waiting too long or else things could go terribly wrong leaving them alone. He remembers, in one of his first attempts at his new surreptitious experiment to cure the repulsive deformity of the mind he was foolish enough to think the young boy, his patient, could wait in the very room he has been conducting his research and when he had returned the boy had tossed the room into chaos, everything crashed onto the floor and the boy was murmuring on about some conspiracy against the institution and its doctors, plagued with raving mania and hallucination it was in that incident that he realized how much more careful he should be but that was over a year ago. Finished with preparations, he goes to check on his new patient’s. Poor things, when the twins were first admitted to this hospital they were a glowing look of youth but since then the shine in their onyx hair has long since gone, their golden skin tone turned from radiant to a pale and chalky texture, eyes of a deep green shade long since been infected by their state of mind. Once such beautiful creatures now turned into the hideous sight of hallucinations and delirium. This is where he and the rest of the foolish staff do not see eye to eye, these abominations these atrocities human? No they have long since lost their humanity. There is no changing them back to the human beings the once were, if they ever were. He discovered this fact formerly and now he must research so as to prevent such a horrid fate for others in the generations to come.

The twins will be of great use.

The corridor to the back room smelt of decay, mold, and mildew, the holding room worse with dried blood, urine, and waste from where the others have gone into attacks of their illness, he walks in and finds the two girls covered with filth from the room sitting in the far eastern wall where the small cot is tucked into the corner. The keys clank against the metal door when he opens it wider to take them to his operation room as he liked to call it. He leads the twins to the two tables that await them, pulls the straps on the table restrains to make sure they will not interfere with the procedure. He lays the twins each on their separate platforms and secures them tightly. Beginning to see through there delusional haze into reality, the fear sets into their mind, they start to struggle both try to sit up but the waist restrains were already on, all that was left was their heads to be secured. He grabs a hold of the first girls’ hair and yanks down to keep her head still between two holding frames. Then on one side of her head he slides a screw into the iron frame and twists it till the tip of the screw digs into the flesh of her skull, quickly he twists in the other screw into the opposite frame then he jabs the screws through the temporal bone of the skull. All the while her ear piercing screams echo throughout the cellar, knowing the shrieks won’t make it to the ward there wasn’t any reason to mute the girls’ hysteric pleas. The sister soon joins as he moves on to the second twin and secures her as well. Quickly he mops up the blood that has already pooled on the table and reaches for the hand drill on the tray and flips the switch to on before saying:

“Now don’t be afraid, I'm here to help you”.

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