it's only for forever, forbidden love and the failed ritual

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

this was a role-play done by me and an old buddy of mine a long time ago, so the story is about an older sister who died in a ritual that went wrong so now she is looking after her younger brother, but is that how it will really all go down?

*It's late friday night and I'm in bed as usual, getting ready to sleep as I shut off my tv, phone, and computer, then change into my pj's to get comfier in bed. As I hop into bed, I pull the covers over my body and then turn on to my side, holding the pillow beneath my head and then my other hand moving beneath my face. I get a bit comfier and then try to shut my eyes, hoping that sleep will come but then can't come to it as I shift over to my other side, trying to do the same thing again but still not being able to fall under the sleepscape spell*

"I've been dead for the past fifteen years and still my parents have never told my young brother of me or my death, they must be guilty see that it was there fault...i want him to know that im here with him, one way or another he will be scared at first but i will try to be soft with him being in this blood soaked kimono won't help any he will just have to deal with it"

In the corner of the room i watched him sleep as i approached him lightly touching his face i came close to his ear and whispered to him " i will be watching you...forever...they never told you...they kept me a secret from dear brother"

*I feel the touch on my face and then quickly squeak loudly in my bed as I shake in fear of your words, not sure who had gotten into my room at this time of night but also not wanting to find out as I throw my covers over my head and then hide from what had touched me* Wh-who's there? ...Wh-what did you say to me? B-brother? I have no brothers or and dad told me I'm their only child and that if I had a sibling..they'd be here with me...

seeing him frightened was not helping but it was fate that knew that would happen, just so all his scares would be hopefully taken away i risked to show my full physical self still in the blood stained kimono stare n at him as i spoke waiting for him to come out from the covers.

"it is all lies they have told you i am your older sister sae i was hung as a sacrifice that went wrong and died, after my death i was tossed into the hellish abyss as i then took revenge and kill everyone that was for this ritual and the only thing that kept me from killing mom and dad was you, if you don't believe me then take a look at me and then look at the picture of mom"

*the thought that I had an older sister put me at a shock as I slowly and very hesitantly started to take the blankest off of my body, then let my eyes open to see your physical form, some more shock setting in as I look at the blood on your outfit and then look away towards the picture of my mother, seeing the resemblence and then shaking some more* H-how could they do this...why couldn't they let you live? I....wan't you to protect me sister....I want you here to keep me safe from the bullies and bad guys that try to hurt me...*I look at you some more and then slowly get out of my bed to approach you and then hold you in a hug*

Holding my dear little brother close i picked him up setting him on the bed, As i sat next to him i started caressing his face giving him a kiss on the lips, Then explaining to him why it happened.

"every time a set of twins are born they are destined to be apart of the crimson butterfly ritual,one twin kills the other and tosses her into the abyss to please the Kusabi making sure that village won't suffer any type of curse or misfortune, so yes you did have another sister but she ran away and is still around but never was found...but i'm here now and i wish to show you the love i would have given you if i was still alive ....Kiss me"

*I can't help but to comply as I hold you close to me and then place a deep loving kiss upon your lips. A few tears run down my cheeks as I hold you in the kiss for some time, then pull my head away as I look at you with a very happy smile on me* I-I'm so glad your back sis...I love you...wh-what should I do next?

Feeling my brothers lips press against mine made me feel like i was never dead at all,seeing the tears come down his cute face and hearing him say the words "i love you" showed that he was truly lonely and needed someone by his side...forever, as he asked what to do next i stayed silent laying him on the bed as i spoke.

"Don't worry my dear brother i will do the rest, it is unfortunate that i can have you inside me but i can give you somthing close to it...were do the one true traditional thing that sisters do for there little brothers... now just close your eyes and relax my nini"

*Making sure his eyes were closed i took my hand,slowly slipping it into his pants feeling it as it was as a fifteen year old member should be, i started stroking it slowly with three fingers,then using my other hand to pull down his PJ pants to lightly kiss the head of his member, licking the small drop of pre cum*

*I gasp and then reach for a pillow, feeling the sensation of the warm tongue against my member as I get hard almost instantly* Oh sister! feels good....but are you sure this is right? *I question as I peek from behind one eye then see you at work, collecting pre from me as I moan out some more from the pleasuring feeling of your nice mouth,no matter how ghostly it was*

*Feeling my Nini get hard so quick showed that i still have the skills even in death,knowing that he was peaking i showed a thumbs up and peace sign as i continued, feeling so alive i started to wrap my lips around her member,bobbing my head up and down and swirling my tongue around the head i took his cock all the way licking his balls at the same time, then continued to bob my head up and down this time mixing it up as i shift my head from side to side feeling the drool slide down his small shaft*

*I moan louder than ever, quite possibly waking mother and father as I do so, then blush, puling a pillow over my face, and finally start to buck my hips with your head as more and more pre comes from my tip until your head starts to shift from side to side. When your drool starts oozing from your mouth, my small little body starts to buck more and more until I finally shoot my load off into your mouth and then bite the pillow roughly until my climax dies down*

Feeling him buck his hips with my head i knew he was close to climax after a few moments i felt my Nini's member pulse and burst with cum filling my ghostly mouth as i swallow loads of it sucking him off dry and cleaning him off with my mouth,

In doing so i wiped my mouth off with my hand and pulled up his PJ pants then came under the blankets holding him close as i kissed on the cheek telling him "i love you Nini" deep down i wish i could take him with me so we can be as one forever but that would be somthing he would want him self, *BAM BAM BAM!* a knocking was at the door it was mom and dad, i looked to my nini "don't worry they can't see me unless i want them to see me"

*I hurriedly get back to my normal layout in my bed and then put on a scared acting face as I look the door* Come in quick! Help Mommie !! *I look as terrified as ever as I look at them with fright and then start to fake tears that run down my face* I had a nightmare....mosters deep dark fiery hole....they started to eat me and tear me limb from limb....I was so scared.

Watching my mother hold my little brother saying that "everything will be okay " and seeing my father in the back round with a smoke saying to him "quit being such a baby your ten not five " it just made made me so upset and angry, i then rose from the bed floating above my Nini, then show my self as i started to laugh crazy like and spoke " i kept waiting ...and waiting a cold dark place and now you all will suffer!"

mom and dad were in shock and started screaming and running as they said before they slammed the door "TAKE HIM WE DON'T NEED HIM!"

*I look above me and then start to cower, trying to figure out what was going on as I see my parents leave the room, then look at you, hoping you don't hurt me or the parents as I hold you close to me and then hug you, sobbing* Why don't they love you? You've done nothing wrong and yet they just gave me up like they not love me anymore? *I say saddened*

I held my Nini close kissing and caressing his head as i spoke "because i was a twin of a ritual that failed and there for had no meaning, when parents of guilt can't come clean with there sins the make another offspring to try and make it like it never happened and pretend to love that offspring that they had made making the offspring nothing more than a pawn" i looked into my nini's eyes " nini come with me,you'll never be used or hated, you'll have me forever always keeping you safe"

*I nod and then hold you close as I keep myself from shedding another tear* Yes sister, please, take me with you so that I don't have to be with those aweful people anymore. I never want to see them ever again in my life so long as I live!! *I yell out as I hold you and then burry my head into your shoulder brotherly and then sob quietly*

Smiling i let him sob for a bit longer as i lied him on the bed,getting on top of him as i wipe his tears "relax and fear nothing it will only take a minute and you will be free and with me forever" slowly putting my hand around his throat i whispered into his ear as i started to press down slowly using all my strength "it's only for forever"

I begin to panic a bit, looking at you as your hands wrap around my neck and slowly start to crush my throat. My weazy voice starts to come from my body trying to speak to you* S-sister....I-i'm scared..but I....*I can't seem to get the last word out as your strength on my neck takes me*

"shhhh,shhhh it's okay it's okay relax " i can feel his life force slipping away as my hands get tighter,looking into his eyes seeing his eyes go blood shot from the lack of air in his lungs,his face turning from blue to purple as his body twitches and starts foaming from the mouth i was getting close as i felt his pulse getting faint, his body stopped twitching his pulse gone, as i released his my grasp i turned to see my brother just as i
, a ghost that is not never alone as the crimson butterfly's of the death gather your sweet happiness forever more as you both go back to the lost village holding each other in sweet embrace. Love is truly forever


Submitted: November 07, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Toriel Wolf. All rights reserved.

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