Mila's First Kill

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Mila was an abused little lass who loved her father dearly until his death molded her into the most sadistic and misunderstood individual as she takes her first victim and begins what her father started.

Submitted: October 24, 2014

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Submitted: October 24, 2014



As a girl no one thought I had theses feelings and needs of a sick fuck, but my daddy did and he couldn't be more proud, it started when i was fourteen my father pinned me to bed as he started to punch me in the chest and face. I felt his drool drip on my chest and cheeks, his punches felt like i was getting hit with a rock and i wont forget it , he beat me for good reason and i loved him even more for that from having a bad day at work to me talking out of line it was a good reason, it taught me how to be a real woman and become what i am today...when daddy died i was devastated as i felt my body fill with rage and lust to bring pain on to all humans so with that as 6 years passed ive now become like my wolf papa. Her name is suou she is 13 and also my torture victim, for 4 years i have had her in my life, she takes all of my beatings very well. she has had many injury's by my hands, the first one was two broken ribs ,second was a broken nose, third was her elbow i popped it out of place and finally i broke her jaw, she took them all very well.

Sitting down i looked at Suou as i took a sip of my beer, i dressed her up in a white dress, getting up i walked to her stroking her face softly she look up at me with a smile and it wasn't a fake one, she then spoke at me "am i going to be beat today miss mila?" i smiled at her as i gave her a kiss. then took my hand as i slapped her in the face hard i watched the blood drop down her lower lip, the thoughts came to me again of taking her life and this time i was gonna do it. I picked her up off her feet like as if we got married, kicking in the door to my room i approached the bed and lightly put her on the bed, getting on top of her i ran my fingers through her hair softly looking into her eyes as they were so full of life, her soft skin was like touching silk.

With my cock getting rock hard i lifted suou's dress and opened her legs as i unbuttoned my pants and slipped my cock out i jammed my cock slowly inside her ass nice and dry, feeling my cock slowly rip and tear into her ass, it was half way in as i started pumping my cock inside her slowly feeling the blood drip down my shaft, i heard her soft whimpers and watched her tears slowly come down her face, my deep and dark emotions were filling up as i clenched my fist putting it back and pounding it into her face as my other hand was around her throat slowly pressing down on it, i kept hitting her face hearing her moan in loving pain and passion. As i continued to punch her i felt the blood drip off my fist, pulling my cock out of her ass i shifted my self on top of her belly as i took my hand off her neck i then took both fists and began my brutal assault.

Putting all my power into my fists i punched suou continuously as i heard her blood gurgling cries, watching the blood flow down the sides of her mouth and chin touching her neck, after five minuets of beating her face to a pulp i looked at her in awe, her eyes were blacked, her cheeks nice and light purple but most of all a few of her teeth were missing and that alone was enough to make me lust to end her as i put my hands around her throat and put all my power into choking her out.

hearing her gag and choke was divine, feeling the bits of blood hit my face as her body started to lightly convulse i wanted her to suffer more so i shook her as i choked her making more blood splat onto to me and flow on to her , hearing her gurgled and struggling screaming were turning me on to the point that death was now getting very close, as i stopped choking her and let go she gasped for air as i started beating her into the face endlessly throwing blow after blow into her jaw and and cheeks, and a few moments i felt her body go limp, i then checked for a pulse and she was still alive and that gave me more time to fuck her.

Opening her legs i jammed my cock back inside her ass as it slipped in very easily and i started to pound and fuck her senselessly but if was short lived as i came quickly, pulling out i watched as the mix of cum and blood flowed out of her ass and dripped off of my cock. getting off of her i snuggled with her holding her close i pressed her body up against mine as i sniffed and caressed her lovely hair,putting my hands upon her jaw and head swiftly breaking her neck, hearing the delightful snap was music to my ears as i saw the life in her eyes slowly fade away into darkness,  giving her a kiss i put a blanket over her holding her close as i slowly fell asleep happy knowing that my next victim will be better than the last  .


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