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Repressing things can only last so long before your true colors show, this is the story of a transgender who goes from great girl friend to cold blooded rapist/child molester loving demon and now you the reader can read her struggles enjoy.This short story also tells of Rebecca's origins and the demons she faces with her lustful troubled soul.

Submitted: March 20, 2016

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Submitted: March 20, 2016



"do you feel it...i know you can....don't try to hide it from me and most of all don't hide it from your self Rebecca" holding my head with both hands i screamed into my pillow "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!!" after two minuets of screaming at my own Subconscious or as i like to say my curse or my demon, for many years ive kept it at bay from meditation to reading grim stories but sadly its slowly starting to creep up on me but im doing what i can to keep the demon in the back of my head and my eyes on a normal life.

Other than being transgender i have a good life, ive got my soulmate Kagome and our kid Reika i don't think i can ask for anything more in my life other than a nice house and a job ill love,the world around me is turning into a dark age criminals running around killing are taking the innocent from there homes making them sex slaves, its all so much to take in but i do what i can to keep away from the evil that surrounds us and for that i have to be strong for them and myself.

Getting up from my bed Kagome was in the living room watching netflix's and Reika was playing her Gameboy, both were looking at me with glee "morning hun" said kagome "morning Uma san" reika responded getting right back to her Gameboy, walking to kagome i gave her a kiss on the cheek and started making food for the both of them before they said at the same time "uma im hungry " as i entered the kitchen, as always they wanted there favorite french toast with milk, as a few moments passed i got the plates,cups and forks ready.

Walking in the living room there cheeks brightened with delight as they smelled and saw the food being brought to them, i then set it down onto the table for them, they then scarfed it down with happy faces as i walked back into my room to do some job hunting on my laptop and like always failure happens with the lack of work in this damn state of California, taking a deep breath i pulled out an herbal smoke and started puffing away, feeling the the madness slowly seep within my mind "Rebecca oh Rebecca i know you can hear me"
ignoring the demon Belial, i grabbed some cannabis quickly packing it into my bong i filled it with some cold water and lit it up with my lighter taking a deep bong rip letting all the smoke enter my lungs, blowing out the smoke a rested in my chair waiting for the cannabis to take a effect and the demon continued to speak "you can smoke all the weed you want to suppress me but one way or another you will give into your true self and then i will win" i then responded with "yea well we will see belial" as a few moments passed the demon was suppressed and i was whole again.

Walking in the door was my lil daughter Reika so cute she was with her high pitched voice and giggles coming to see me she hopped in my lap giving me a hug always saying the usual "i love you uma " all i really did was snuggle into her cheeks and give her kisses, however given the fact that belial just left, reika started to move around grinding her hips into my crotch i blushed and quickly placed her on the floor and told her to get out and play her games, knowing she was gonna be upset i gave her a kiss and walked her out of the door and back into the living room.

Ive been dealing with this struggle for 6 years and so far ive kept it intact but sadly i think im on my last leg and the demon may win this battle but i can't not like this he can't win....can he? i started questioning my self and sadly even when im as high as kite, the demon belial came out "soooo rebecca saw that your lil girl was grinding against your 7.5 inces of thick uncut cock, i know what you were thinking, after all its all over your face" "shut up belial, its not right and you know it"  belial laughed in his female voice "hahaha! your cute rebecca you and i both know its what you want and the fact that kagome is gonna be at her mothers house now would be the greatest chance for you to make your first move..or do i have to do it for you?" i got angry "Shut up belial you wont make me do this that's my lil girl" Belial then responded in a lustful voice "all the better, i mean like you said family is the best kind of love to have am i wrong" i growled.
"How dare you twist my words around belial!" "am i twisting your words rebecca or am i placing them in the right areas, look at all the stuff you read and wright, and your trying to say that this is not the path fate has chosen for you?"

i bit my lip "those are fiction..not real belial and its because of you that i wrote that smut in the first place!" "rebecca im just your subconscious, the only one who would have wrote all that was you, it was your fingers on the keyboard not mine...or was it hehehe ahahhaha!....hey rebecca..when kagome leaves and your alone with reika look into her laptop and see if she has a darkness like yours,how about it?" i spat on the floor, "bah she may be kinky as hell but that means nothing.....i think" belial responed "ill leave it up to you to find out if she is like you or you can take that sweet candy vag of your lil girls and just say fuck it AHAHAH!"

Kagome walked in the room with a smile on her face "hun i gonna go to moms, if you dont mind ill be having reika stay at home with you" i responded with a nod, she then asked "are you okay?" i then said "yes im fine just need some water is all" she then said "well okay, if you need me ill be at moms so text me when you can okay?" i nodded as she left the room giving reika a kiss as she walked out the door.

An hour had passed and i was honestly starting to wonder about it..."does she really have anything dark on there other than bondage?" with reika on her games i quickly got on and as thirty minuets passed i saw nothing on there but then i saw that there was a flash drive on the arm of the couch grabbing it i slipping it in it took some time to boot up but as the folders popped up i saw a file on there that said BEST CP,clicking it i saw nothing but little girls being touched,sucked and fucked.

Taken back i gasped lost in thought i got up and walked back in my room and flopped on to my bed still trying to process and take in everything i just saw, and sadly belial  shows up....again "oh oh oh rebecca what did i tell ya?" "shut...the..fuck...up...belial" "hey hey now not my fault your soulmate is a pedo girl ....ya see what i did there?" "for the love of god belial " "you mean for the love of little girls? HAHAHAH! oh this is rich, you know what this means right you can be your self" sadly the demon was right but how do i know this is true "okay belial ill play ball" the demon giggled "okay thats what i like to hear now go in there and take her when kagome is thrity minutes away from home so at five o clock.

hours had passed and i was ready, walking up to reika i picked her up with a smile, putting her in my lap i looked into her eyes as i asked "reika do you love me" she nodded her had "yesh uma i really really really love you" smiling i caressed her face lightly giving her kisses lightly on her neck, she giggled "Uma! heheh that tickles" "kiss me reika" reika was quick about kissing me but as our lips touched i knew this was the begging of the end for me, as we continued giving each other small kisses i then made my move and gave her a slow deep kiss putting in as much love as i can into it, my tongue lapped around hers feeling the small bits of drool string down the sides of our chins, i then picked her up taking her into my room sitting her down on my bed closing the door i turned around approaching her i laid her down taking off her shirt and pants as i gazed at her sweet little body and as much as i didn't want to admit it the demon within  was taking over and at this point i knew that this was indeed my fate.

Leaning down i started kissing her little body all over slowly starting at her chest licking the middle of her chest slowly tasting her sweet young skin, my heart started to race and fill my tummy with butterfly's as i continued, her small flat chested breasts, were tender and her nipples were as pink as cherry blossoms giving them a light lick i felt the grooves of them against my tounge and it was delightful but surprising due to the fact that she was not struggling or complaining, in theory its possible that kagome may have started on her first, going lower i started kissing down her belly getting to her undies as i proceeded to lick them as time passed they were soaked with my spit.

upon looking up reika was blushing, that alone gave me right to keep going, as i took off her undies i sniffed them a bit the smell was that of honey, as i started to lick reika's body twitched and i held her legs down so not to make too much movement, savoring every lick i started to deeply blush feeling her juices flow into my mouth, taking it in i swallowed hard, i gasped lightly as a chill went down my spine and my phone rang, stopping for a moment i looked at reika and told her to stay there, she nodded as i looked at the phone, it was kagome i quickly answered it "hey kagome coming home soon?" she responded with "yea im about five mins away see you two soon " she then hung up the phone and it was back to me and reika, to test the theory i had her get on her knees and touch my hard cock , as her soft hands touch i instantly bit my bottom lip, she then started kissing it giving it small licks and finally she wrapped her lips around it giving small suckles feeling the small bits of drool trail down my shaft and her two little hands around it like as if she has done this before,blushing i started to speak "mmmmm ssssss good baby doll you keep doing that you'll get some candy from uma's pee pee" as time passed i heard the front door to the house open, it was too late to cover anything up so i just let reika keep sucking as kagome opened the door to our room i look down at reika with my hand over her head moaning light "mmmm fuck yea thats a good girl sss mmmmm " looking up i saw kagome in shock and awe looking at what she had witnessed with her own eyes, she had stuff from game stop, dropping the bags she came over only to drop to her knees and join in the fun kissing reika and sucking my beloved cock.

At this point i don't know what this means for my life im still lost but at least i know what i like and what i want...i want my family to bond so deep that our children will want to keep love in the family at the very least.

Closing my eyes as both continue sucking my cock the demon belial spoke "i told you rebecca i would win" i giggled in my head "at this point  i don't care that you won because i now know that you are've been me this entire time and all you wanted was for me to be me and live and die happy with no regrets.. am i wrong" i hear no response....only because the real me in now awoken if this is my fate...then so be it.

Belial spoke again "then you wont need me anymore then eh girl?....good then i will be on my way and may baphomet watch over you"


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