Reika's one knight stand

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Reika is a good girl doing what she is told, the reward she gets is one not expected by her or anyone in this world.
As they say never meet your hero's in person.

(sonic and all characters are owned by sega respectively this is a work of fiction nothing more)

Submitted: March 20, 2016

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Submitted: March 20, 2016



It's midnight and Reika's bedtime, getting off the xbox one reika is tucked into bed and is kissed good night by both Kagome and Rebecca walking out and closing the door the two lovers walk into there bedroom and as always kagome receives a feeding and off to sleep they went after they got done smoking there sleepy time roll of herbs.

As the hours passed Reika was not able to sleep try as she might it just got harder and harder to sleep, taking a deep breath reika got up out of bed to sneak her Sega Game Gear to play some sonic the hedgehog two but was stopped by the a voice "Hey kid, can't sleep eh i know the feeling" turning around only to see the outline of the one and only sonic the hedgehog, she gasped as she spoke "s-sonic..your real?" her hands were over her mouth to make sure she was not heard.

Opening the curtains to her darkened room the light of the moon reflected on the blue hedgehog and lit up the room, his eyes a bright green and his body blue and beautiful just like in the games and the comics, he spoke up with a whisper "as real as you can get cutie " sonic said as he looked at reika up and down "so are you always naked ?" sonic asked her with a deep blush, reika's response was a happy nod, sonic took a seat on her bed and simply took his hand and made 3 tapping sounds on the bed as a way of telling her to take a seat next to him.

Reika knew that motion her uma does it every time she wants her near her to play games or have fun time, taking a seat next to sonic he then moves in closer putting his arm around her shoulder " wanna sit in my lap " sonic said with a lustful yet shy smile, reika smiled and without a response she did, as sonic then put his arms around her waist and held her close nuzzling into the back of her head lightly sniffing her hair, it gave him a rush that no amount of running ever could, his heart started to race,his toes curled into his shoes and his face flushed a light pink.

Sonic knew what he wanted however he needed to be not quick by silent about it,he then started to kiss reika on the nape of her neck feeling her soft against his lips made his body shiver with excitement and delight, reika started moving her bottom up against sonic's crotch this made his cock start to grow hard slowly and reika was liking it but due to this being her hero she was indeed very shy but this also gave sonic more to do, so like anyone he was gonna take as advantage of this moment as much as he was able to.

Sonic then turned her around to face him, there eyes met and both there were locked on each other for a moment it felt like they were frozen in time and space soft sounds of breathing filled the rooms atmosphere, sonic finally made his move putting his hand around the back of her head pulling her in for a deeply embraced kiss, reika then put her arms around sonic's shoulders and neck feeling his lips press up against his as she then slowly slipped her tongue into his mouth and started to lap and massage his tongue,this shocked sonic but he went with it as it just made this moment even deeper he started to lightly moan and at this point his cock was fully erect, the kiss lasted for a good three minuets and as there lips unlocked silky threads of saliva strung together as there lips parted and with it being so cold there heated breath can be seen between each others mouths.

Reika looked down feeling and seeing sonic's throbbing hot member as it leaked pre cum, she licked her lips as she got off of his lap and on her knees, his cock was around four inches, sure it was below average but was good enough for reika as she gave the hard throbbing tip of his cock a kiss, pulling back the sticky precum threaded just like when they kissed, licking the pre cum off of his cock sonic gasped lightly as she wrapped her small soft lips around the head sucking him ever so softly bobbing her head and placing her hand around his shaft slowly jerking him off and slurping on his cock making slurping juicy sounds with her mouth.

Sonic placed his hand on the back of her head lightly as he moan softly and watched her suck his cock see she lap her tounge around his tip and lick up his shaft, he bit his lip as he then stopped her and placed her on his lap facing him again but this time he scooted himself and her in the middle of the bed as he lie down with reika on top of him he placed her pussy against his cock having her grind against it slowly till she was nice and wet and out of no where reika took his cock and slowly put it inside of her pussy "ah,,sss,,mmmmfff ahhhhhh " it was really tight for sonic but reika put her finger to her lips as she blushed deeply "shhhhhh" reika the started slowly riding sonic's member making her shudder in ecstasy with each grinding pump but sonic wanted control so he sat up having her wrap her arms and legs around his body as put her up against a wall with the moon light making them both glow in the darkness as he started to pump her slowly with all four inches penetrating her body "oh...ooooh sonic...oh i love you sonic it feels so good" reika whispered as her juices dripped off of sonic's shaft and balls.

Sonic and reika's eyes met once again with there eyes locked once again they went in for a deep kiss and it was just a lovely and blissful as the last but sadly sonic never lasted very long when it came to sex that being said sonic was about to cum any moment and he knew he was close so he made sure that when he was gonna cum it was gonna be deep, as there lips unlocked he put her on the bed quickly as he gasped moaning "oh...oh.. oh boy reika im cumming ahhhhh" reika just smiled pulling sonic in close holding him as she was being filled with his hedgehog cream, sonic kept his cock inside to keep the cum from dripping out of her puffy soft pussy, reika then asked "sleep with me tonight?" she said this with a cute yet pout look on her face, sonic sadly had to decline "im sorry reika but i have to leave to save the world and keep you safe" pulling out slowly sonic's cum flowed out of reika's pussy like a small fountain gushing out, sonic took her blanket and tucked her into bed giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Pulling out a ring sonic placed it on her finger as he spoke "ill be back for this i promise" reika smiled nodding her head with her sonic plush close to her chest as sonic blew her a kiss and spin dashed out of her window and dashed leaving a string of blue wind behind him.

Feeling content reika slowly fell asleep with a smile on her face with deep hopes that the blue hedgehog will come back for the ring and most of all come back for her.


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