In The Flash Of An Eye

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A young boy named jonas who was giving up by his mother and brought into an abusive home jonas becomes weaker by the days and just wants a way out jonas and his sister began secretly trying to escape.

Submitted: October 01, 2014

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Submitted: October 01, 2014



In The Flash Of an Eye

“WAKEEEE UPPPPP JONASSSS” Myra screamed but I didn’t budge. “Jonas get up!”  Once she didn’t hear a response she began to shout once more, “We have to get to work before Adeline gets back.” I rolled over with a loud grunt, threw the old ratty blanket over the side of the bed and rubbed my eyes. “JONAS HURRY UP AND GET DRESSED!” Myra yelled and she stormed out the room.

I hate waking up in this room and I hate living here. I walked over to the small closet that could barely fit anything, and began to skim through it. Nothing new, the same two black pants and two white shirts. I put on the shabby clothes, and slipped on my beat up shoes with a hole in the sole of the left shoe. I walked across the hall to the bathroom, I stood in the full body mirror and examined myself I did not look any different from any other day. Same dirty blonde hair that lay just above my shoulders, the same blue eyes that turned to green when I was sad, and the same pale white skin that didn’t get much sun. I turned to the granite sink and grabbed my comb and the container of gel, dipped my fingers in and scooped out a fist full of gel. I scraped my gel bedded nails through my hair, allowing the dry texture of my dirty blonde hair to become slick. I then put the materials away and walked down the wooden spiral staircase that creaked with every step.

I walked into the kitchen, and was smacked in the face by the sweet smell of cinnamon rolls; I then, inhaled the sweet scent. I then spotted Myra pulling the cinnamon rolls out the oven as the heat ran off of the light fluffy buttery rolls. Myra turned and spotted me “I see you are finally awoke” she said in taunting voice. I gave her a death glare and grabbed an apple and bit into it I turned to the clock above the stove it read “12:45”. “What time is Adeline coming back?” “Around 3 o’clock so you might want to do something”. I turned my face up and walked out the kitchen and headed down to the shed and grabbed the cleaning supplies. I walked up the stairs into the front room I stood grabbed the feather duster and began dusting I began to dust the pictures of Adeline and her family I do not know them or anything about them although they look pretty happy matching in burgundy and black, dressed sharp and crisp smiles plastered across their faces. Two children a boy and a girl that I am assuming are her kids and a man I am assuming is or was her husband. I just wonder where they are why aren’t they here. I just wondering where my mother is will I ever see her again. I shook the thought out of my head forcing myself to believe that the thoughts that were running through my head are unorthodox and finished dusty. Once I finished scrubbing the floors and walls wiping down the windows and tables it was roughly 2 o’clock an hour before Adeline would return.

I was tired so I decided I would take a quick nap before Adeline returned. I wearily walk up the wooden steps and smacked down on my bed.

OUCH! I screamed as I woke up to the smack of wooden bat against my back. “OWE,” I cried out. “What do you think you are going just sleeping around?” Adeline said in an acerbic tone. Before I could answer WOP, another smack across my chest, I gasp for air and just as I began to catch my breath, SPLAT another hit. Warm blood drips down my back and fire burning tears stream down my face. I try to stand up but I just wobble and fall over.

“Jonas? Jonas can you hear me?” I open my eye lids slowly to see Myra’s face with the word worried written all over it. “Jonas oh my gosh thank god your alive” she said as she helped me up into the bed. She then went to the bathroom and grabbed a wet rag to soak my wounded’s. I winced a little each time she set the rag on my open wounds. Myra walked out and grabbed the box of bandages and bandaged my wounds. Myra spoke softly “Jonas you rest now ok?” She asked and I shook my head in agreiance. Myra then reached over and hugged making sure to be gentle with my fragile body. She helped me lay down and fluffed my pillow so that I was comfortable. She stood up and walked out and lay there and listened to her footsteps as they trailed off. My mind began to race full with “what ifs”. Why do I have to live like this? Why didn’t my mom want me? Does anybody love me besides Myra? I just want a real family I began to sob. None of these questions will ever be answered I was asking for way too much. I mean at least I am taken care of and have somewhere to sleep at night. That’s not something I like to believe but Adeline says it to me every time she believes I’m acting ungrateful. I vaguely remember my mom long blonde hair and not dirty blonde like mine either bleach blonde her smile so heavenly with perfect structure. Warm tears to began streaming down my face. I wiped the tears from my eyes and sat up carefully and slid off the side of the bed, and limped to the bathroom. I turned on the faucet and began to splash water on my face I looked up and made contact with a mirror. Eyes glistening green like a newly sprouted plant. I grabbed a towel and dried my face.

I head down the steps as I reached the end of the steps and I spotted Adeline as she was in living room sipping a glass of red wine. I hope she doesn’t drink too much of that I thought. I walked out the front door to talk to find Myra. I spotted her by the lake with the neighbor boy she says they are just good friends but I know better. I quickly step back into the trees. “Myra I love you and I want you to be mine for eternity” the boy stated. Myra with tears in her eyes then spoke in a weary voice “I know alexander but its too risky I just cant WE just get cant” Myra’s voice began to escalated and collapse with more sobbing. He grabbed her and rubbed her back. The confusion grew quickly. What did he want Myra to do? I decided that I shouldn’t be and walked back to the house. I walked in and checked the wall clock it was 7:00 and I was supposed to be in bed trying to rest but I decided to start dinner for Myra since she wasn’t here and was obviously going through a rough time. So I pulled out the pots and pans and in the flash of an eye, it was all over, the pain and sorrow finally ended, we are all dead.

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