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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Two children try to escape the demon (an abussive father) thinking they can escape this horror.

Submitted: November 17, 2013

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Submitted: November 17, 2013



I clutched my younger brother's hand as we stumbled over rocks and twigs through the woods as the icy rain touched the once warm blush upon our faces. We heard a voice behind us, it was our stepfather, he was a violent and evil man who had killed our mother and then made it look like an accident and took custody of us and moved us to the middle of the woods. He worked us like slaves and this was our day to escape from his torment. My brother limped as i pulled him through the mud and muck as the rain got heavier it seemed with every step.He caught up with us, he had grabbed the tattered overalls upon my brother and dragged us throught the mud, as our hair clumped with dirt and as we flailed and screamed he was to strong for us. 

He threw us into the cottage and shouted "WHO THE FUCK'S IDEA WAS THIS?!" I began to speak- because it had been my idea, but my brother took the blame and the demon pulled out his pistol and shot my beloved sibling 3 times in the chest. I watch his limp pale body fall to the floor as blood spattered out of his chest and as blood flowed out of his mouth, as tears streamed and dripped from his eyes and off his cheeks. I rushed ot his side and caught him in my arms. His eyes turned from sky blue to fog grey, and the red from his lips turned a light shade of blue, my tears coated his face.

I caressed his cheeks that life and blush pulsed through, but then grew cold as he seeped into the unknow darkness "Casey," he spoke "you were the best sister anyone could ever ask for" and I screamed "James... we pulled through together". As i layed my head on his wounds and as his heart slowly came to a stop. The demon couldnt believe with what he had done and took his live with the same gun that took my brothers. Then i burned the demon's body and gave my beloved brother a proper burial~

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