catching up to me

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no clue

Submitted: August 07, 2012

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Submitted: August 07, 2012



i'm being watched and i know it...

they've watch me change into

this person i am today...

that little girl aint in me no more

and this monster is eating me...

trying to get at those who hurt me

my rhymes are'nt just rhymes

they're life to people like me

so fucking back off or die...

i aint safe anymore

that little girl has gone through more ...

more than just deaths and divorses

i'm being watched they are wondering

if im safe to be around ...

my rhymes are'nt rhymes anymore

they're life to my people the ones i protect

so fight or die because i am the strongest ive been

im stronger than most be cause of what i'v become

my one shot is fired now and my rage is coursing

through my viens and you cant pass me

am i too much for you yet??

fucking people say check my mouth hell no..

try and swipe my legs out from under me now

your gone in a second and being buried the next

im not a singer im a rapper ...

my rhymes bring life to the lifeless

i aint a little girl anymore

i will not fall my legs wont give out

i am a rebellion in myself and

i am getting my revenge

my rhymes are'nt rhymes anymore

they are rebellions

they are rage and anger...

i am the fool of the people...

so now im giving the fools a chance to

fight and be heard....

so dont give us the chance to show you

because we will show you how fast we are

and how fast we can fucking fight back...

so all the fools in america stand up and fight

we are the creation of the nation so we fight

to not be fucked over twice again...

ha i'll see you on the battle field...

we fight and win....

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