damn it not again

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i write from my heart

Submitted: August 14, 2012

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Submitted: August 14, 2012



out it comes again that monster i keep

hidden away so i dont hurt anyone

its gnawing at me again

it says this time make the cuts deep

this time i didn't feel the pain.

my friends dont realize how on the edge i am

how close to doing it again.

they dont get that i do this so i dont hurt them.

i lay on my bed with the blade in my hand.

i try to remember who i was ..

but the monster says its time to face reality..

reality is the pain that comes after each cut...

i stay alert because im not as strong as i seem..

they always say im a rock i cant be moved.

im only arock when i need to be .

my friends dont know what all i do to make them happy...

they dont give a shit anymore...

i guess thats the way it is...

yeah i guess im chopped liver now...

but thats reality for you the pain keepsme awake...

im alert for every movement

i hear every sound.

i say every rhyme and

i rap every line

my minds going downhill and nothing can stop it

i cant change anymore

i watch as my blood flows from my viens...

as my mind is saying no stop it...

i cant do this anymore ...

i take the blade to my throat

i cant do this i chicken out

i get through the day barely getting by

and start it all again the next night...

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