Lust, Lipstick & Lies

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"She continues to draw in the men she is talking to, a skill which she has always had. They look at her as though they want her, and by the end of the night, she will be with one of them."

Submitted: May 20, 2009

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Submitted: May 20, 2009



His large soft hands caress her hips, slowly passing over her curves. That one touch from him, and she’s sold. Looking at him with pure lust in her eyes she thinks its love, she wants him, wants to know how it feels for his breath to be on her neck, she wants to know how he tastes. Her eyes follow him across the room; she takes notice of every movement he makes. She knows it’s a sin. He turns his head and flashes a smile at her, and she immediately finds herself blushing. Walking back to his original party, she is the only thing on his mind.


She ambles over to the bar; her floor length turquoise gown trailing slightly on the floor…this dress was made for someone taller. She orders a Cosmopolitan and saunters over to a large group of men with her cocktail firmly in her hand. She introduces herself, and the men begin to stare. They all want to know the same thing, why is such a beautiful woman here, at this black tie event, seemingly alone? If only they knew the whole story.


In his perfectly tailored black suit with accentuating off-white pinstripes; his dazzling white shirt clinging to every muscle He manages to plant himself back into his group without anyone asking where he went, casually joining the conversation,  lacing his fingers with another woman’s. He doesn’t feel any guilt, even though he should. He’s just lusting for her, much the same as she is lusting for him. Things weren’t meant to be this way. He ended things between them a long time ago, but they keep meeting seemingly accidentally, in various places. They are drawn to each other, like a magnetic force which never ceases to attract.


She continues to draw in the men she is talking to, a skill which she has always had. They look at her as though they want her, and by the end of the night, she will be with one of them.


To take away the pain.  


She glances over at him, that charming, handsome man, and catches his eye, the chemistry between them is strong, sparks flying between them like a rogue firework, they both feel the connection. She zones out of the conversation, and everything around her seems like a blur, seems nonexistent.


He can’t help but be entranced by her, her turquoise eyes matching her dress oh so perfectly, watching the immaculate way her body curves. But still, he keeps his  fingers laced with the other woman’s.  His heart is pounding in his chest; she always makes him feel this way, the way the other woman can’t. She makes him feel things he thought he could never feel.  He breaks the connection between them, leaning to kiss the other woman on the cheek, smiling an oh so fake smile, his perfect white teeth gleaming in the soft light.


She turns away, and the world comes back into focus. The fairly good looking men she is standing with, are still looking her up and down, undressing her in their minds. She feels violated when they do this. But in a strange way, it also pleases her. She flaunts her dazzling smile, and pushes a long lock of silky, advertisement perfect chestnut brown hair out of her eyes. She decides which one of the men she wants. Yet she doesn’t really want the man, she just needs someone to divert her affection to. As the group starts to break off, to talk to other people, she moves closer to the man. Softly running her fingers down his arm, she makes it known she wants him. He looks at her with raging desire in his eyes, while leaning in to whisper his room number in her ear. As the other man wanders away, he runs his hand down her spine, making her shiver.


He’ll do for now.


As for him, he has been secretly watching her fake affection towards the other gentleman for a while now, jealousy building up inside of him. He makes it his opportunity to saunter over to her, placing his soft hand on her shoulder, her breath shaky with nerves, and a sensual shiver making its way down her perfect body, feeling herself surrender under his touch. He whispers in her ear, his deep husky voice making her heart skip a beat. He wants her more than anything. She knows she wants him. He subtly takes her hand and leads her to a corridor off the main room, placing one hand round her waist and another on her back, pulling her towards him, he kisses her passionately, sinking in to the kiss, she lets him control her. He quickly pulls away when footsteps are heard down the corridor, and striding back into the room, he leaves her stood in the corridor her once perfect lipstick smudged and tears in her eyes. Her heart shattered into a million pieces.


Room 317, she remembers. As she slowly ambles up the grand stairs of the hotel, she wipes her eyes, stopping to make sure she still looks presentable in one of the many mirrors adorning the walls. She gracefully picks up her dress to avoid falling, but in her heart that’s all she wants. She feels worthless. Arriving outside the other man’s door, she takes a deep breath and knocks quietly, part of her hoping he doesn’t answer. Sadly, he does. She fakes a smile and the lust in her eyes to steps into the room. The fairly handsome gentleman closes the door behind her as she wanders over to the bed, sitting down and to slip off her shoes.


He is settled back in conversation with the large group of people, his arm around the other woman’s waist. She smiles up at him, but he can’t bear to smile back. This is not what he wants. He whispers that he is going up to the room, he’s tired, or so he says. He ambles slowly up the grand stairs of the hotel, checking his appearance in one of the many mirrors adorning the walls, just incase he sees her, the woman he loves. He arrives at room 318. Entering the room and closing the door behind him, he sits on the bed and removes his shoes. Sighing, he puts his head in his hands, his eyes welling up with tears.


He can’t keep doing this…betraying people. Telling lies.


She lies in the strange man’s bed. Staring at the ceiling, her mind swimming with thoughts. Why does she always do this? She could have gone back to her own room. At the time, doing this takes away the pain, but afterwards, she is filled with regret and even more sorrow than she began with. While the other man is sleeping, she carefully, silently gets out of the bed, picking up her underwear and putting it back on, followed by her dress. She grabs her shoes and bag, exiting the room as quietly as possible. Taking out the key card for her room, number 320, and walking across the hall she places the card in the door to the right of 318, as she does so, an average looking blonde enters the room next to her, whispering his name, just loudly enough for her to hear. She takes a sharp intake of breath, and enters her own room quickly, shutting the door behind her and sliding down the door, she collapses in tears.


Gazing at the ceiling, with salty tears in his eyes, his mind swims with thoughts. Where is she now? For all he knows, she could be anywhere. She could have gone from the hotel. When would he see her again? Her sparkling eyes, her dazzling smile. He closes his eyes and sighs loudly. He hears a door near him open then close. His mind is awake, his ears taking in every tiny noise, from the dripping of water to soft footsteps in the corridor. As he concentrates on the tap dripping, he hears the other woman put the key card in the door, and enter the room, whispering his name just loudly enough that he can hear. The average looking girl walks over to the bed, undresses, puts on a t-shirt of his, and lies down next to him. He can’t bear to look at the girl wearing his clothes.


It doesn’t feel right.


She composes herself after a seemingly long time crying, finding the energy to take off her dress she puts on an oversized t-shirt she found in her suitcase. It was his. As she slips it on she remembers the night she first wore it. Her eyes fill with tears and banishing them away, she wanders into the bathroom to take off her make-up, then falls into the plush double bed.




Without him.

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