My First Girlfriend? She went off with a bang!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
The first hint of love for a young awkward boy.

Submitted: September 23, 2012

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Submitted: September 23, 2012



My First Girlfriend? – She went off with a bang!

The first girl I was infatuated with at high school was a girl named Debra.

It was my second year at high school and girls in general had not really been of interest to me other than someone to tease but early in the first term of Year 8 there seemed to be a turning point in my young life and apparently Debra was it.

There was bevy of pretty girls in my Year 8 class to become 'friends' with but from my mate’s perspective, whilst Debra was okay, she wasn’t one of the glamourzons of the class and so she didn’t receive the attention the glamourzon girls did.

And although my mates considered the group of girls that Debra was apart of as second tier; to me thugh there was something about Debra that definitely had an affect on me.

When she smiled at me I would flush and have to look away. When she cornered me and actually spoke to me I was a terrible bumbling, stuttering mess. Something was not right but I couldn’t put my finger on it. To my way of thinking these supposed ‘second tier’ girls also had other advantages over their glamourzon counterparts. The second tier girls were much smarter than the glamourzons who all tended to be a vacuous lot and to me they were the second tier girls.

As the term progressed and we settled into the grind of school life I ended up being paired with Lisa (another second tier member and best friend of Debra) for a science experiment. Boy could she talk! All through the class she asked me question after question so much it was almost like an interrogation. She also seemed to talk incessantly about Debra.

It was at this time that Lisa informed meDebra didn’t have a boyfriend. I looked at her in response to this information with a stunned stare not knowing what to say, what I was to make of the information or in fact why she was telling me. Finally Lisa punched me in the arm and called me an idiot. Still stunned, I didn’t know whether this discussion and interaction was good or bad, as Lisa never elaborated more than that, so I was left to come to my own conclusions of which I had none.

I was soon to realise, from her continuous smiling at me in class, turning up wherever I was in the school during lunch and recess and from a number of small interactions that Debra had some interest in me.

As the days wore on our interactions increased and oddly the distance between us in class decreased. Initially at the beginning of first term we all had our preferred desk positions and over the days Debra and Lisa seemed to be moving desks and getting closer to where I sat until one day I realised they had positioned themselves in a desk sitting directly in front of me.

Due to their new proximity we were talking more and more and every time she smiled at me I felt funny and my cheeks would blush. When she laughed at one of my jokes I had this funny urge that I wanted to hug her, which was odd but of course it was something that I never did.

One day though the dynamics changedas I had a brain snap which caused me some grief with Debra.

During an art class, one of Debra's other friendsKirstin asked me, in so loud a voice, which seemed done so everyone in the class could hear, as we spent so much time together "Was Debra my girlfriend?".

At that point it was if the whole class stopped what they were doing, Debra included, all seemingly looking at me waiting for my answer. I was thrown a loop and didn’t know what to say and finally answered her with a firm shaking of the head and a way too loud “No”.

There was an audible gasp from a number of girls in the room. As that NO echoed through the room, I thought to myself, it may have been a wrong answer even though a truthful one. I couldn’t look Debra in the eyes after that and tried to avoid her during the rest of the day and in fact for the days that followed.

Over those next few days it was obvious that I had upset the apple cart and a number of the girls in my class made my life hell by not moving out of the way when I walked through doors, accidentally knocking my books over and any other number of things to annoy me.

A while later I was heading to class for the last class after recess and turning a corner I bumped in to Debra and Lisa standing at the entrance to the classroom.

They both stared at me.

I was like a deer caught in the headlights.

Debra looking at me with her arms crossed across her chest holding her folders and books. Lisa standing next to her was looking from me to Debra to me and back waiting for someone to do or say something.

After what seemed ages Lisa finally broke the silence by asking me “Are you interested in Debra or not?”

I stood silently fumbling with what to say. My cheeks flushed and I was dumbstruck.

At the continued silence Debra huffed and turned in a twirl to enter the classroom. Lisa watched her walk away, turned back to me, punched me in the arm again, called me an "Idiot"and walkeddutifullybehind her friend in to class.

I then reluctantly entered the classroom and there was a pretty icy reception from every girl sitting at the front of the classroom who had watched the interaction with interest.

If I was the Titanic I would have hit a dozen icebergs as I went passed them to find my seat to sit down. Debra was now sitting back at the front of the classroom abandoning her desk near me.

How do things get so out of control?

As it turned out things didn’t get any better the next day. I got through the morning unscathed with no instances of note from the girls although their icy stares made me shiver.

After lunch our art teacher, who we had for a double period that day, announced we were walking down to the beach to do some sand sculpting.

We quickly walked in groups down to the beach and we were given our instructions that we had to make a sculpture out of sand and add any item we found on the beach as decoration.

Mrs. Butler the art teacher decided that she would pair a boy and girl together and name the pairs which she’d do alphabetically.

As my surname started with an A, I was called first. The first girl alphabetically was Debra whose surname began with a B. Who works these things out? Is there someone playing with our lives or could it have just be a mere coincidence.

Any way as we stood there Debra raised her arm and asked Mr. Butler if she could change partners to which the reply was a stern NO. Debra and I looked at each other with resigned looks and decided we had no other choice but to work together.

She decided our sand sculpture would be of a seahorse so we went off looking for shells, sticks and seaweed and any flotsam and jetsam that we could use for decorations.

Although she was rather cold towards me at the start, as things progressed we actually talked and it appeared she was letting her defences down. We had finished our seahorse and we were waiting for the others to complete their tasks.

As we sat waiting, Debra threw some seaweed in my hair. I started chasing Debra around the beach. She run off away from the class and a fair way down the beach. After a sprint to catch her I finally caught up to her.

I may have been wrong but I think she let me catch her as she stopped short and I barreled into her and we fell in to a heap on the beach. As I lay on top of her laughing I realised my hand was on resting her boob.

She pushed me off and we quickly got up and ran back to the rest of the group.

It appeared our class together had helped our situation as Debra continued to hang around me and she played little games with me like pulling on my tie or messing my hair. I was feeling pretty good with myself and Lisa must have seen what went on between us as she actually smiled at me.

Mrs. Butler called time was up and we had to head back to school.

We first had to negotiate Beaconsfield Parade which is normally a very busy road at any time of the day. It has two lanes each way and a median strip in the middle. The normal practice was to cross the first section and wait in the middle on the median strip and then cross the next section until we were safely across this road.

For some reason I had a rush of blood and tried to get nearer to Debra and she laughed and ran to one side putting some people in between us. I didn’t stop and tried to get near her again and we ran across the first half of the parade.

I looked at Debra and she smiled at me. I moved to grab her and she ran out onto the next section of the road.

There was a screech of tyres and a loud BANG.

I saw Debra fly through the air.

She’d been hit by a car and lay on the ground in a crumpled heap.

I shit myself and stayed behind every one as I couldn’t look. Finally I moved forward and thankfully saw that she was sitting up.

I thought that can’t be a bad sign if she was sitting but then noticed she was holding her arm which didn’t appear to be hanging the right way. Her leg also appeared to be pointing at an odd angle.

She wasn’t crying though so I hoped it was a good sign that her injuries weren’t that bad. Mrs Butler told us to return to school and we all left except Lisa who stayed with her friend.

The next day at school Lisa told me that Debra went to hospital in an ambulance and had to stay. She had severe bruising, grazes, a broken arm and a broken leg.

In the days after the accident I was shitting myself waiting to summoned to the principal’s office to ask about my ‘part’ in this accident but amazingly other than some taunting from some of the guys I was never to hear any more about the accident.

When Debra finally returned to school many, many weeks later she walked with a noticeable limp.

On my part I was too embarrassed to talk to her and acted just as cowardly in that I couldn’t face her either. For whatever reason of her own, she never raised the accident with me nor wanted to talk to me any way.

Not long after her return to school my awkwardness with her was put to an end when at the end of third term I changed high schools.

This encounter with Debra which had started badly and indeed ended badly was my first tender experience with a girl.

© Copyright 2020 Tosca. All rights reserved.

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