Saying Good Bye To Mom and Dad

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Submitted: February 19, 2013

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Submitted: February 19, 2013



I was forty years old when my phone rang for me to answer,

it was my eighty four year old dad saying your mother has contracted cancer.

The diagnosis was fatal no hope for survival dear christ my dad said ,

within three to five days she would be gone and now she spends her last days in a hospital bed.

As I talked with tears streaming down my cheeks I desperately looked for my best friend my lover my wife,

I did'nt notice she was right ther beside me sensing the call was about God's Angel coming to get my moms eternal life.

We drove for nine hours to get to where my mother lay quietly in a private hospital bed,

where my dad half sat on the bed with one arm around her using his shoulder for her to lay her head.

My dad and I took shifts staying with mom all day and all night,

with dad taking the night shift the doctor said usually they pass during the night.

For the next four mornings I would pick up my mom and hold in a craddle position while they changed her bed sheets,

with her body now so frail and weak her right arm around my neck she held on to me and look up to make sure it was still me.

Each morning while I held her up as the orderlies quickly changed the bed sheets,

moms lady doctor would always come in and take a quick glance at her to make sure she seemed to be pain free.

Then on the fifth morning as I routinely held my mom in the craddle possition while her bed recieved clean linen,

I smiled and leaned my head down close and look outside mom it's snowing and the kids are excited and playing.

As I stood their I suddenly noticed moms doctor didnt leave from where she normally stood then quickly go,

I did'nt even notice the oderlies did'nt finish their job they had left I was in a trance holding mom and watching it snow.

For the first time in five days I never heard mom's doctor talk at all until her quite voice caught my attention and softly just said..... Don,

I looked at her eyes to see she was just silently locked onto mine she did'nt blink once she was waiting for me to respond.

When I could see in her stare at me her bottom eylids were filled up with tears that had yet to start to fall,

my sense of touch came back to me my mothers arm around my neck I could no longer feel her hanging on.

My eyes flooded instantly while still staring at the doctor that had such a sad yet sincere smile a mile long,

no words were needed now she knew I understood my mom died in my arms quietly and that my mom was now gone.

My wife and I asked my dad to come with us and spend the rest of his life with us back home,

he smiled at us both and said he'd much better like it on theranch and stay there for the time alone.

Two years had gone by now since my mom had passed away,

when our phone rang once again from the same hospital to say in his sleep sometime last night my dad had slipped away.

I drove back up to take care of the final details and lay my dad beside his bride,

then they asked me to sign the coroners report when I have time to come inside.

Just before I sighned the bottom excepting the reason why my fatherdied,

I read the medical mumble jumble they had on there that literallymade me start to cry.

My mom and dad got married when they were bothjust nineteen years old,

still teenage kids themselves their marriage would never last more than a few years from both their parents they were told.

For almost 68 years my mom and dad were never ever seperated or even spent time apart,

so I drew a line through their cause of death and I wrote: If my dad died for any reason at all ......... he simply died of a broken heart.

I sighned the bottom with my signature and a smile so wide,

knowing mom has her teenage husband back,and my dads back with his teenage bride.

True Story

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