I'm at my end.

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a poem i wrote when i over heard everyone talking about 'the abused girl'

Submitted: April 25, 2013

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Submitted: April 25, 2013



How can this be?

Everyone together,

not a second thought about me

and im here

shedding tears and shredding skin

to show the blood to prove

there IS life within


Are you happy now?

Will you ever give up?

I try,

you try...

you always win.

With everyone against my desire to be thin.

Everyone against my desire to get better.

everyone against my desire to die.

but why?

I can never make you happy.

I will never be happy.

You believe all that shit thats said about me

spread about me

written about me.

The shit that's killing me.

It's killing me.

Please give up.

I beg you to stop.

I don't know what i've done,

but this game; you've won.

i'm done.

i'm at my end.

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