Who Said Love Was Easy?

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This is Only One Chapter Of A Heartfelt Romance, Where A Young Couple Have To Fight For Thier Love, But Have To Let Go Of Alot Of Other Things... Who Said Love Was Easy ?

Submitted: April 18, 2010

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Submitted: April 18, 2010



"The stars are unusually bright tonight" i thought aloud.
"Maybe they're shining down on us" He smiled.
I sensed my eyes go all googly. The butterflies in my stomach hadn't settled since i'd been with him. They were running around in a panic to catch their breath, just as i was.

I tilt my head up towards the blue starry sky. This Was My Most Treasured Place. I Loved The Way The Perriwinkle Blue Ocean Enveloped The Soft Sand Around Me. i Turn My Attention Back To The Reason i Am On This Beach At An Hour To Midnight.

"You Have The Most Beautiful Eyes."

i Felt My Cheeks Glow Bright Red, And Tiny Acrobats Were Doing Summersaults in My Stomach.

"You Dont Like Being Complimented Do You?"

"i do, iJust Dont Know How To Reply"

"Then Dont"

He Has That Look in His Eye, You Know, When Boys Go All Soppy and Sentimental. i Know Whats Coming Next...

"i Love You."

iWas RIGHT ! Hes Leaning in.. My First Kiss.. What Do iDo?? Just Go Withh The Flow? Yeh.. ill Do That...

Our Lips Touched. Sparks Flew. Magic.
Such Chast And innocence.
The Way His Tongue intertwined With Mine, Dancing To The Rythm Of Our Racing Heartbeats.

"iLoveYou Too."

iDid. i Really Think Hes The One. But Everyone Says im Too Young For Love.. Could That Be?

"iCould Stay Here Forever. On This Beach. With You. My Love. What Else Do iNeed?"

"Food?" iTeased.

"Hhahaha, You Always Make A Joke Of Everything!"

"is That Bad?"

He Looked At Me.

"Noo!, Come Heree!"

He Pulls Me in, And Tucks My Long Brown Hair Behind My Ear. His Handd Gentley Strokes My Soft, Pink Cheek.

"You're Mine" He Whispered.

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