The Duke and the Peasant

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A funny quick encounter of a duke and a beggar peasant.

Submitted: August 04, 2013

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Submitted: August 04, 2013



A duke walks below, though from a higher rank, watching man of a vegitative state, and loudly, yet to himself exclaims.

"Fools do lay upon their throne!"

To himself, yet man replies.

"Then fool should I be to lay in presence of a King!"

Aghast and flustered by the peasant's grin.

"Speak he, a man of no brain? Of no school? No home?"

"Rule he, a king of no people? Lead he, a leader of no followers?"

Again the peasant strikes back his comment with a smile and leads the duke in search of words again.

"I more a King, than you a pig! HA!" 

In too quick a victory does the duke turn to the passing folk and announce.

"Look, dear fellows to this shame! Science brings us rat that speaks in twisted human tongue, with skin like rotting fruit and hair that of horrid rat!"

Duke smiles, but too quick before the peasant's winning words.

"Ay, he refers to himself with much accuracy."

Peasant :1 Duke: 0


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