"A Cup of Coffee with No Sugar"

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This idea came from an introduction I read. Unexpected clashes, ca cloche? Suona male? Klingt das ein bisschen komisch?

Submitted: March 09, 2012

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Submitted: March 09, 2012



“A cup of coffee with no sugar”

A cup of coffee, sugarless,

Steak-frites-salade, sans frites.

Alkoholfreie Getränke,

Das ist kein Bier. Macht schief!


A tea bag used too many times,

And milk that’s on the turn,

Some poetry reads a bit odd.

Go back to school and learn!


Big Mac, but easy on the mayo,

A salt less bag of chips,

A full-skimmed bottle of dairy milk,

Doritos without the dips.


Pommes ohne Ketchup,

Spezi ohne ein Freund,

Pizza senza Mozzarella,

Druggie without a joint?


On that you may not quite agree,

I just needed a rhyme.

But maybe you’re thinking right now,

“Better luck next time.”


Bukowski rolling in his grave,

A joke with no punch line,

A non-rhymed poem,

Come on guys! I write them all the time.


Spaghetti senza Bolognese,

Risotto Milanesù,

Insomma, poesia

Senza ritmo, rima, Sù!


Italia senza Berlusconi?

Deutschland ohne BMW?

Paris, mais sans la Tour Eiffel?

Je peux pas l’imaginer!


England without Her Majesty?

France sans la Guillotine?

Ireland without a pint of Guinness?

A well-behaved mid teen?


Champagne sans les petites bulles,

Le Vatican sans Pape,

Berlin ohne den Mauerfall,

Das wäre undenkbar, das!


Venezia senza gondole,

Vesuvio senza Pompei,

Firenze senza Davide,

Perhaps I’ve gone astray.


A healthy diet without 5 a day,

An alcoholic without a drink,

A language without a dictionary,

Spain, no paella, unthinkable.


Egypt without the Pyramids,

The classics without Bach,

A Beethoven who wasn’t deaf

Mozart a BOF.


A work that’s lacking focus,

Poems with no rhythm or rhyme,

How can they call it poetry?

It’s just prose every time.

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