Big 'Rock Stars of the Past

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Mostly famous names, but one you may not know

Submitted: February 23, 2012

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Submitted: February 23, 2012



Big ‘Rock Stars of the Past

Jean-Philippe Rameau

Didn’t have a piano

So composed for the harpsichord,

But his good stuff

By so many of us

Seems largely to be ignored.


Georg Friedrich Handel,

He was no vandal

Though he wrote some pretty good Baroque.

Seine Vorstellung

Eine Zeitverschwendung

As unknown he certainly is not.


Johann Sebastian,

That great bastion

Who founded a dynasty

Of prolific composers

None of whom were losers

Who’ve come down through history.


Toccata and Fugue

By that cool dude

Is a household tune for many.

You can listen and play

To his stuff all day,

And it won’t cost many a penny.


Jo Seb Bach

Isn’t in the dark

When musicians’ names are banded about.

Poor Jean-Philippe!

How he must weep

That his fame has almost died out.


Bright but inattentive.

Did he have no incentive?

Jean-Philippe was asked to leave school.

His organ playing father

“At law” said “try harder“.

Rameau’s sadly not a household name at all.


To omit Mozart

And his plethora of art

Is almost out of the question.

He’s post baroque,

What he is I don’t know what,

But I’d better give him a mention.


We all can tell

About Adele

Who saved the music industry.

Got all the Grammies,

You may think it’s jammy.

She did it single-handedly!


Led Zeppelin?

Never heard of him

Is he on the rubbish dump?


Out of electricity.

Van Halen’s acrobatic jump?


The Pink Floyd

May get you annoyed,

In a Deep purple hue you may go.

All these musicians

Who got more than an audition

At a music studio.


Bach had 20 kids,

But only 10 lived.

Carl Philip Emanuel,

Johann Christian,

Enough! I will not list them.

Four in music did quite well.


Anna Magdalena’s

Notebook’s a no brainer

To which keyboard students aspire.

Jean-Philippe’s score’s

Been chucked on the floor.

Pick it up. Here it is. Admire


“Danse des Sauvages”

A piece very large,

Though only two minutes long.

Indians from America

Toured round his area

So Jean wrote them a little song,


“One of his best,

Most celebrated”. Test

It out on You Tube now.

Louisiana Indian

Inspired composition

Will it have you saying “Wow!” ?


Number one hit!

Chart topping bit

Of music. That’s a surprise!

This catchy tune

Caught on very soon

Back in 1725.


Clubs and discos,

They couldn’t resist those

Short and snappy jig alongs.

To throbbing candle lights

They danced all night.

JP was a music don.


In 1683

He came to be,

Passed away in 1764.

Contemporary unknown

Of Bach and Handel’s tone,

Of JPR do you want more?


King Louis XV

Said “Come join my bands”

So he got his appointment royal.

At 60 years of age

He was still all the rage!

A dinosaur of ‘rock still on the boil.


Prominent shelves

Don’t share his wealth

In a UK music shop.

To his composition

You’ll struggle to listen

Ignorance is now his lot.


All now covered,

Must be rediscovered,

The piles bigger, I’m sure

Of works and words

All unread, unheard,

That many of us would adore.


© Copyright 2020 towers of academe. All rights reserved.

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